Lenovo confirmed that the update of win 10 in August will cause the blue screen crash of ThinkPad

It home, August 31, according to windows latest reports, Lenovo recently confirmed that errors in Windows 10 kb4566782 and Lenovo BIOS will cause ThinkPad laptops to crash on blue screen. The government has provided a solution that seems to be able to solve the problem for users. However, non Lenovo users have also encountered problems after the patch in August. < p > < p > Lenovo pointed out in a statement that the problem was related to the BIOS setting “enhanced windows biometric security”. According to Lenovo, windows has not implemented the software for this BIOS Setup, so it has no effect and can be safely disabled. < / P > < p > non ThinkPad laptop users will still encounter the “blue screen of death”. Unfortunately, when there is a blue screen of death, there is nothing users can do about it. Some users also experienced a complete crash and performance degradation during startup. < / P > < p > for some users, turning off virtualization solves the “blue screen” error, while others say that uninstalling the August update is the best way. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”