Lenovo once again won the first place in the world, surpassing apple and Dell and creating brilliance again

Notebook computer is a huge market, people for better office, entertainment. Almost all of them will buy a laptop, and they can afford the price of several thousand yuan. But in the face of many computer brands in the market, for those who don’t know how to configure and brand, in addition to the reference price, they are looking at some more reliable big brands. < / P > < p > when it comes to notebook computer brand, I’m afraid many people think of Lenovo for the first time. Although Lenovo has some disputes, it has made outstanding achievements for many times and won glory for the country in the global market. < p > < p > this time Lenovo again won the first place in the world. According to the global laptop market shipment volume in the second quarter of 2020 released by strategy analytics, the market research organization, Lenovo ranked first, followed by HP, Dell, apple and Acer. < p > < p > Lenovo ranks first in the world with 25% market share, with 13.6 million units shipped. HP ranks second with 24.8% market share, which is similar to Lenovo’s, with 13.4 million units shipped. Dell, the third largest market share, accounts for 15.6% and 8.4 million units. < p > < p > from the data point of view, the most outstanding performance is still the domestic computer brand Lenovo. Although there is a difference in the shipment volume of 200000 sets compared with HP, more than one is also in the lead. < p > < p > Lenovo once again won the first place in the world, far surpassing apple and Dell, making another brilliant achievement. In recent years, Apple’s mobile phone and notebook shipments are showing a downward trend. It seems that it needs more efforts to compete with domestic brands. < / P > < p > maybe Lenovo won the first place in the world this time, which many people didn’t expect. In fact, Lenovo relied on its own strength. It may be because of some factors that the Chinese people are against Lenovo. < / P > < p > but these will not be obstacles for Lenovo to continue to move forward. Lenovo’s road will continue to develop in the personal brand computer, desktop computer, server and other industries in an all-round way. < / P > < p > Lenovo’s company slogan is “never stop”, which may prove Lenovo’s firm determination. Lenovo’s road has been bumpy, from the founding team of 11 science and technology personnel to 570 million employees now. From the original 200000 investment funds to the current annual turnover of 389.218 billion yuan.

all these prove that Lenovo has been making progress, and many people make complaints about it because of mistakes in decision-making. For example, at that time, Ni Guangnan suggested that Liu Chuanzhi take the route of self-development of science and technology, but Liu Chuanzhi refused and continued to use foreign technology. < / P > < p > as a result, Lenovo did not have core technology in its hands for some time in the future, and there was a noisy 5g voting event. Later, Lenovo clarified that there was no such thing. < / P > < p > for some reasons, we can’t totally deny the 36 year old Chinese enterprises. This time Lenovo won the first place in the world, which is enough to explain the problem. < / P > < p > if it was not Lenovo, the mainstream computer brands in the world might be foreign ones. If there is no Lenovo, we do not have a big brand that can be sold. It is the so-called deep love, responsibility and dissatisfaction with Lenovo that proves his weight in everyone’s heart. I hope it can give Lenovo more time to do better and win more world No.1. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing