Lenovo personal cloud A1 NAS evaluation: a threshold free and easy access storage device

Nowadays, many of our data files are stored in different devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, PCs and tablets. It’s quite troublesome to realize cross platform data transfer. For example, if I want to put the video in my mobile phone on the computer, it’s more complicated to plug in and export the data. It’s much easier to call the mobile phone’s files wirelessly. In addition, due to the importance of data, we have to do a good job in backup. At this time, using NAS cloud storage is the best solution. < / P > < p > when you hear NAS, you may think it is suitable for professional users. When you build a NAS, you will feel headache and give up when you see some professional terms such as RAID 0 or RAID 5. But in fact, many technology companies are committed to making NAS products available to ordinary consumers. Recently, Lenovo launched a personal NAS product for entry-level users Lenovo personal cloud A1. < / P > < p > when you look at Lenovo personal cloud A1 for the first time, you may find that it has a long column shape, and the origin of this shape design is the Doric style of Parthenon temple in Greece. The color of the fuselage is Cherry Blossom White. It can be said that this product has quite personality in design style, and integrates classical elements with modern design, with the size of 166 × 68 × 1 84mm, the volume is relatively small, and the occupied area on the table is smaller than many square NAS, so that the table can free more space to place other items. < / P > < p > in addition to an orange indicator mark on the front and bottom, the keys and interfaces of Lenovo personal cloud A1 are located on the back of the fuselage. In addition to the DC power interface, there is also a Gigabit Ethernet port and a USB 3.0 interface, as well as a circular switch key and a reset key for resetting NAS. The reset key needs to be pressed by a card pin. The USB 3.0 interface can be connected with external U disk or mobile hard disk to read relevant data files. < / P > < p > let’s take another look at the performance configuration of this NAS. Lenovo personal cloud A1 is equipped with Realtek rtd1296 quad core chip, the main frequency is 1.4GHz, and is equipped with 1GB DDR4 memory and 8GB flash memory. Currently, Lenovo personal cloud A1 on sale has built-in western data red disk mechanical hard disk with 3.5-inch 3TB capacity, and the rotation speed is 5400rpm. In the future, it will sell 4tb version of single disk. Although hard disk users can also remove and replace them by themselves, and NAS can support 16TB western data red disk at most, considering that this NAS is positioned as an entry-level user, ordinary users will not remove the screws to expand and upgrade. Whether to choose 3TB or 4tb depends on the user’s personal needs. < / P > < p > because NAS needs to run continuously for a long time, it also requires a lot of heat dissipation. Many of Lenovo’s notebook heat dissipation performance are widely praised by users. The Lenovo personal cloud A1 heat dissipation design is also built by Lenovo notebook heat dissipation expert team. The fuselage adopts a fanless design, and the heat inside the fuselage is mainly discharged from the hollow at the top of the fuselage, which is driven by the air Because there is no fan noise, Lenovo personal cloud can keep silent when it is running continuously, and will not produce noise to interfere with the normal life of users. < p > < p > for Lenovo users, it’s basically a good step for them to quickly install the app or NAS, which is a good step for them to follow Fluent less than 3 minutes can be done, the operation process did not find any difficult to understand the professional terms, it can be said that the entry-level users are very friendly. < / P > < p > with this NAS, users can directly transfer a large number of photos, videos, audio and other kinds of files to this NAS for storage and transfer, which not only effectively relieves the pressure of the computer’s hard disk, but also can transfer the photos and videos taken by mobile phones to NAS for backup, and can save a lot of valuable storage space. The transmission process is also quite fast. You can see from the figure that the transmission speed is enough for the majority of entry-level users. < / P > < p > I believe that many users still use Baidu cloud disk to store their important data, and we can directly log in the Baidu network disk account on the app through the data Guardian app, and directly upload the files to Lenovo personal cloud A1 for direct use. As a result, a data guardian has two clouds, and there is no need to repeatedly open Baidu network disk software to repeatedly Download and call. < / P > < p > nowadays, wechat is also a very important application in our mobile phones, and even many users are using wechat for office work. The wechat backup function on the data Guardian app can well save users’ wechat files. Avoid important files being emptied due to mobile phone cleaning. < / P > < p > because NAS is usually used to store users’ very important data files, the security of data is very important. Lenovo personal cloud A1 is also outstanding in this aspect. For example, the data guardian has the function of encrypting safe box, which cannot be accessed without inputting the correct password or answering the correct answer. In addition, A1 also uses the establishment of SDVN virtual security network and independent account management And other ways to protect the security of user data, so users can rest assured to use. < / P > < p > if the user is worried about the damage of the hard disk running for a long time, he can regularly check whether the hard disk is healthy in the data guardian. When he doesn’t want to use NAS and saves electricity when he goes out or goes to bed at night, he can do some operations in the data Guardian app, such as device shutdown and timing switch on and off. It is very convenient to control the NAS through the mobile phone. < / P > < p > the main features of Lenovo personal cloud A1 are light and compact, easy to use, rich in functions, safe and reliable. If you plan to buy a hard disk for expansion and have the need to reserve and back up important data, Lenovo personal cloud A1 will be your preferred solution. Older posts →