Lenovo’s official spokesman for thinkbook is Wang Yuan’s advocate of fashion and light business

On August 25, the official microblog of @ thinkbook officially announced that the spokesperson of Lenovo thinkbook was Wang Yuan. According to thinkbook, Wang Yuan, the spokesman, in his youth full of challenges and risks, has chosen to fill himself with keen thinking and constantly break through the circle, showing the characteristics of contemporary new youth. “I’m very happy to be the spokesperson of Lenovo thinkbook, adhere to myself, and create all the differences with inspiration and thinking,” Wang Yuan said. In the best years, we work together to think and reconstruct the world. ” < / P > < p > click the link in the above microblog to see that Wang Yuan’s main products are thinkbook 14, thinkbook 15, thinkbook 13s and thinkbook plus. CNMO noticed that in the official propaganda poster, the thinkbook 14 is in the same frame with Wang Yuan. This notebook is positioned as a light and fashionable business book. It adopts Intel’s core i5 processor and is equipped with 512gb SSD solid-state hard disk, which is enough for daily use. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?