Lens recommendation: Sony full frame micro single large aperture lens

Sony lenses are classified in detail and well-made, with clear lens positioning for different consumer groups. Among the G master and G series lens groups, there are large aperture lenses that are most suitable for portrait shooting. There is no need to talk about the exquisite workmanship of Sony lens group. According to the performance of a7m3 / A73 / a7r3 / a7r4 micro single camera, we should choose a high-quality lens to “feed” the appetite of a7m3 / a773 / a7r3 / a7r4. < p > < p > 1, mainly indoor Zeiss Fe 50 f / 1.4 or 55 f / 1.8, the latter is cost-effective and can be considered if the aperture is a little small. < / P > < p > sonnar t * Fe 55mm f1.8 Za Carl Zeiss lens, which is famous for its contrast and resolution, provides a better choice of fixed focus and hanging lens head for α 7R / α 7. The 55mm viewing angle is similar to that of the human eye, which brings a strong sense of presence and creates a comfortable and pleasant realistic imaging style. With f1.8 large aperture can produce beautiful background defocus effect, bright lens can shoot high-level works in weak light and outdoor shooting. Through the internal focusing system to achieve high-speed smooth auto focusing, anti dripping and dust-proof design * to maintain the tolerance of the lens. < / P > < p > full frame medium and long-range fixed focus lens portrait large aperture micro single lens 67mm Sony bayonet. The full frame medium and long-range fixed focus lens provides smooth and natural background virtualization effect. It is compact and light. It is suitable for a wide range of shooting scenes. The bilinear motor can quickly and accurately focus automatically. It has a customizable focus lock button. It has strong operability. Recommended scenes: portrait and indoor. < p > < p > 3. In addition, there are also sub factory Shima 50 mm f1.4 art and 85 mm f1.4 art, which are suitable for the breathing effect in Sony a7r3 performance, and vice factory lens is not recommended here. < p > < p > the price of master g lens is on the high side. As a non professional photography enthusiast, whether recording life at home or shooting on the road, choose from the cost performance ratio. We recommend fixed focus lens fe50 f1.8 or 55 f1.8 for reference. After all, the price is affordable. Blue standard lens 50mm f1.4 Za this lens is very good, although the price is much higher, but it is worth paying attention to. 2. If the budget is tight, we can also consider Sima 50 f / 1.4 art or 85 f / 1.4 art, which can save more than half of the cost. < / P > < p > full frame large aperture telephoto fixed focus g master lens a7m3 / a773 / a7r3 / a7r4. It is produced for the soft and beautiful effect of dissipating the external focus. < p > < p > Fe 135mm f1.8 GM is Sony’s 49th e-bayonet lens, which is also a continuation of the old A-port 135mm. It uses a new optical design, the imaging quality has been significantly improved. With the high pixel a7rm3 fuselage, it can give full play to its high resolution performance. At the same time, its volume and weight are also well controlled. From all aspects of performance, it will not let Sony’s users down. It is another focus lens worthy of recommendation after 24mm GM. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!