Less traffic consumption and almost no memory consumption, 5g cloud mobile phone “Tianyi 1” uses “China chip”

Yesterday, China Telecom released the carrier’s first 5g cloud mobile phone “Tianyi No.1” at the Tianyi intelligent ecological Expo, marking the official landing of its “cloud terminal” strategy. Compared with ordinary mobile phones, cloud mobile phones play cloud games, watch cloud video, and make cloud application traffic consumption less, and almost occupy mobile phone memory, less dependent on mobile phone performance, and can continue to massive expansion. Hu Zhiqiang, general manager of China Telecom cloud computing branch, said at the Tianyi cloud forum of the Expo that Tianyi cloud is the base of China Telecom’s cloud terminal strategy, and realizes the way of computing in the cloud, data in the cloud, application in the cloud, security in the cloud, and enjoying the end. The reporter noted that the 5g cloud mobile phone “Tianyi No.1” adopts the 5g chip Huben t7510 of domestic purple light zhanrui, supports 5g dual-mode networking mode of independent networking and non independent networking, and supports seamless switching between 5g and 4G networks. For consumers, the mobile phone has two systems, users can enter cloud phone mode with one button, and the switch between cloud system and Android system only takes two or three seconds. < p > < p > < p > “Tianyi No.1” has deeply customized the cloud mobile phone application, and the price is RMB 999, and it has been sold in the online and offline channels of China Telecom and its partners. Li Baorong, deputy director of the operation and development support center of China Telecom Research Institute, further explained that cloud terminal has the characteristics of enhanced performance, high cost performance and collaborative sharing, which is a kind of cloud-to-end innovation promotion, and will be conducive to the virtualization transformation of terminals through cloud services in the future. “In the future, cloud services and AI will help the terminal upgrade in an all-round way, enter into smaller and smaller IOT devices, and establish a new business model in the intelligent era.” Li Baorong said. < / P > < p > it is estimated that the global 5g smartphone shipment will reach 750 million this year, and the number of 5g connections in the world is expected to exceed 1 billion next year, two years faster than that of 4G. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?