Lesson 1 mahjong’s “basic concepts”

Mahjong this skill 1 run nine game, the level is not enough to determine the win or lose. If you know it but don’t know why, it is easy to become a broiler and be slaughtered. < p > < p > mahjong is composed of four pieces of mahjong, including four pieces of ten thousand, four pieces of barrel, and four pieces of seven pieces of large characters. If you play mahjong, 144 cards will be played, and 136 cards will not be played. < / P > < p > the rules of the game are as follows: start the game in an anti clockwise order, drop two dice colors, where the big number starts to take cards, which row of small numbers starts to take, the straight combination can eat the house, the pair combination can touch three, there are four can be carried, the open shoulder wins two bets, the dark shoulder wins two bets, and the other wins three bets < / P > < p > – at the beginning of the deal, the dealer has 14 cards and the idle family has 13 cards Cards. Want Hu, in the next touch cards, cards, to eat bars in the process of trying to make these 13 cards in line with the law of NaAA + MABC + DD. Note: the seven cards of white in the southeast and Northwest can not form the form of ABC, but can only form AAA. There are at most 7 sets of 14 cards in Hu cards, but we only need 5 sets, which can be combined into 4 sides and 1 eye. < / P > < p > it is a success or failure to master the order of touching cards. One of the key factors is that you can’t touch cards when eating or touching cards. Touching cards is the generation of all probability. If you want to feed your family, you should touch two more. If you don’t, you should touch two less, especially if you are a taxi. You must not eat what you touch. < / P > < p > for example, 1222, 333, 2333, because holding 3 cards of 23 and below is closed. However, the existence of openness does not affect 45 < / P > < p > each player can touch 13 cards in the opening game, so 4 * 13 + 1 = 53 The number of cards that can be touched is 136-53 = 83 cards, which means that the card game is only about 83 / 4 = 20 rounds, and the number of cards that can be touched is 1-20 rounds. < / P > < p > because of the probability, every three cards have 2-3 big characters to play or are useless. Therefore, 1-6 rounds are almost useless cards. < / P > < p > 5 is a good card, 4 depends on the quality of the card, and less than 3 is a bad card. Roughly 1-3 is worth fighting card, 4-5, into listen and fight and go, rotten to 6 can basically defend. Before you touch a card, you should first consider which card you want to play, don’t think about it for half a day after you touch the card. Usually, you should type the card first, then play the partial card, and finally you can count the cards in the middle. < p > < p > < p > listen to many: a sequence usually listen to several holes, such as two three four five, listen to five, two three four five six, listen to 147. However, it should be noted that some of Hu’s cards may damage the card type= https://twhosting.com/counterpoint-announced-top-5-best-selling-models-domestic-iphone-11-tops-the-list/ target=_ blank>Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list