Let’s talk about Polaroid (take Fuji mini90 as an example)

Fuji Mini 90 lens is plastic, flash is also very cheap, so the photos are full of a breath of plastic. Of course, we can also say that the texture of plastic reveals the cheap industrial temperament of the new era, and the mass production of low-cost and low-cost equipment gives us a chance to try artistic creation. This is true, but from my limited experience in this period of time, the theme suitable for this Polaroid camera is relatively limited. The aperture of this camera is only 8 and 11, and the photo paper sensitivity is ISO 800, which makes the shutter speed slow unless the light is particularly good and the flash is on. So when the light is not so good and the flash is not on, this camera is not suitable for shooting dynamic things, such as street photography. < / P > < p > the clarity and sharpness of Fuji mini90 photography are not high, which can not reflect the details, especially the details of the remote subjects. However, this characteristic is exactly what makes this camera most suitable for shooting: portrait. Weak ability to capture the details, just can selectively ignore some unpleasant details. For example, skin problems, so the portrait taken by Polaroid will show that the skin of the subject is good. Maybe the reason why the camera is not cheap is that it doesn’t need high technology. < / P > < p > in the film age, there are always people who want to shoot something that can’t be sent out for washing. This also creates an important use situation for this kind of device. Full of plastic texture of the screen, combined with the light effect of poor quality flash, will create a dramatic effect of imagination. In a private environment, it’s very sexy and emotional to use some private themes to construct this kind of drama. < / P > < p > because Polaroid can’t provide high definition and high sharpness pictures, it is more suitable for shooting large color blocks and conceptual pictures. Bright, bright, strong contrast, conceptual screen design, will bring many surprises. < / P > < p > because generally speaking, not only Fuji mini90, but also Polaroid has a small aperture. In many cases, it is impossible to obtain a good lighting condition. Therefore, the construction of artificial light source can increase the feasibility of shooting. Artificial light source will also provide you with more design possibilities, so that your picture has a stronger sense of drama. < / P > < p > cheap color filters will also give you a lot of drama. If you use black-and-white film, the color filter will also affect your black-and-white photos. There is a way to expand the play is to take a picture of Polaroid with a digital camera, and then adjust it with the map repair software to get a very dramatic effect. < / P > < p > polaroid is a film camera. The biggest difference between polaroid and digital camera is that every time you press the shutter, there is a cost. Although Fuji mini90 has little room for operation, there are still some tips to improve the film production rate: 1. Before shooting, you should think about your own intention; 2. Choose the focal length according to the idea, close shot and hand-held self shot. You need to turn on the close shot mode. At this time, the focal length is 30-60 cm, otherwise the focal length is 60 cm to infinity. If your subject is at infinity, you can improve the clarity. 3. Check the light source. When the light source is insufficient, use flash lamp, artificial light source or tripod. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?