LG q92 new machine appearance burst meter, configuration full leakage, Samsung Galaxy note20 fire

Like high looks? You can look at the new products of LG, an international giant. The appearance and configuration are enough. You just need to find your own channels to buy them. Make complaints about the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series in the local fire. < / P > < p > with the increasing demand of consumers for smart phone products, manufacturers are making great efforts in configuration and appearance in order to pursue differentiation and expand more functionality. Nowadays, most users put the first factor of buying a mobile phone on the appearance. Whether a mobile phone is popular or not depends on its appearance. After seeing all the products of qianlv, LG has a new model with high appearance value, which has attracted the attention of the majority of machine friends. It should be one of the most beautiful mid end mobile phones this year. Recently, foreign media have exposed LG’s latest generation 5g mobile phone. The name of this phone is LG q92, which is located in the middle end, but it has the beauty of the flagship. The front of this mobile phone adopts the current mainstream punch screen scheme. Like Samsung, the lens is placed in the middle position, which looks more harmonious, but the chin is relatively wide. The camera design on the back of the fuselage is very special. Four lenses are arranged separately, two big and two small. I think it is much better than the matrix and traffic light design. It has three colors: ceramic white, mirror titanium and mirror red. < / P > < p > the hardware part is not so good. If it is placed in China, it can be said that it is not very attractive, unless the price is suitable. The 6.7-inch LCD perforated full screen, the quality of our suppliers is not bad; the front camera is 3200W pixels; the rear is 4800W pixels + 800W + 500W + 200W. High pass snapdragon 765G chip with 6GB + 128GB large memory, 4000 Ma battery, 8.49mm body thickness and 193g weight, equipped with AI stereo speakers. This is the right configuration for the midrange machine. It’s a pity that LG’s performance in the smartphone market is not as good as it was before, and it withdrew from the domestic market early. In fact, LG is not short of design, technology and brand, and its products of each generation have their own characteristics. However, there were too many problems in the early G series, which led to a sharp drop in user’s word-of-mouth. In addition, due to the price, it will be sooner or later to fail in China. However, the appearance of several new models introduced by LG this year is quite good. If you like, you can go shopping overseas or wait to pick up foreign garbage. < / P > < p > Samsung, the main local competitor of LG, has a much stronger comprehensive strength and position. The newly released high-end flagship products of Samsung Galaxy note 20 series have attracted a lot of attention. According to chosunbiz, Samsung’s Galaxy note 20 series has nearly 1.17 million local bookings, which is excellent. In the same period last year, the number of note 10 was 1.3 million. This year, it is mainly affected by the epidemic situation, and the global consumer demand for replacement is not so strong. < / P > < p > as the standard version of Samsung Galaxy note 20 is castrated too seriously, the ultra version of Samsung Galaxy note 20 series with high configuration is more popular with consumers. According to sources, the expected volume of the ultra King version has reached 65%, and the mysterious bronze color has been snapped up. The prices of the two machines are 19.9 million won and 1.452 million won respectively. This time, the three-star Sabre method is accurate and the differentiation is extremely successful. < / P > < p > for domestic users, LG’s new machine is of little significance. Consumers are more concerned about the note 20 series on sale in China. This year’s standard version is not worth it. If you want to start, you should choose the ultra version directly. That is the real king. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?