Li Nan said there was no need to change the new iPhone and urged everyone to save money

Recently, the founder of angry Miao, a former Meizu executive, made a statement on his micro blog. He thought that if there was no place to spend money, there was no need to change the iPhone 12, and he earnestly advised everyone to save money. According to Li Nan, the utility of scientific and technological progress is diminishing and has spread to the world’s top technology products. The implication is that the new product does not bring much new ideas, so let’s not change it. The diminishing marginal utility refers to that, in a certain period of time, under the condition that the consumption quantity of other commodities remains unchanged, when a person continuously consumes a certain item, with the increase of the quantity of the goods consumed, the total utility increases correspondingly, but the marginal utility of the goods tends to decrease. < p > < p > the utility here is that the degree of satisfaction makes the human nerve excited, and if an external stimulus is given, the human nerve excitation will have a sense of satisfaction. Although it uses a proper term in the field of consumption, what it actually says is a simple truth, that is, the freshness that a new iPhone can bring is no longer high. In fact, half of the people chose blue in the first batch, probably because the previous generation did not have blue and the picture was fresh. In fact, the core of 5g is rarely discussed. This is mainly due to several reasons: < / P > < p > but although Li Nan’s analysis is rational, the iPhone 12 can not bring too many surprises, but as one netizen pointed out, buying a mobile phone still depends on personal needs. In other words, most people have thought of Li Nan’s rational analysis, but those who didn’t think of it did not care much and should buy it. To be specific, such as giving gifts to your partner, such as rewarding yourself, for example, your mobile phone is relatively slow, for example, if you want to catch up with the trend, for example, you want to spend money, all of which are very reasonable reasons. < p > < p > therefore, although an opinion leader can provide a clear-cut view to the public, it is often redundant, even if the starting point is good. < / P > < p > some people think of the mechanical keyboard products of angry cat technology founded by Li Nan. The design color is mainly color contrast, bright and flashy, and there are dense LED panels. The panel uses 200 LED light beads and can make various patterns. At the same time, the price of this keyboard is not cheap, which is sure to be no lower than that of a 5g mobile phone. < / P > < p > if such a keyboard can bring great psychological comfort and freshness to users on the desktop, it is necessary to understand the psychological comfort and freshness brought by iPhone 12 to users, isn’t it? Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list

Author: zmhuaxia