Lichen precision “leak” success, “China special supply” production line contract, Foxconn failed

At present, the global electronic communication industry is facing a “big reshuffle”. The independent brands led by Huawei are gradually going overseas, causing serious impact on some local brands, among which apple is not weak. However, due to the recent events, Apple’s life in China is not easy. It is understood that in order to improve this situation, Apple has finally “softened” and officially announced that it will establish a special apple production line in China to create a supply chain exclusively for China, and the iPhone products to be sold in China will be produced by this production line, and Chinese suppliers will make a lot of profits. Some industry insiders have indicated that apple is more inclined to the precision of Lixun. < / P > < p > the reason why we prefer lichen precision to Foxconn is that it was originally the largest assembler of airpods, so it has a certain cooperative relationship with apple, and Apple also supports the acquisition of two wholly-owned subsidiaries of Weichuang, which lays a foundation for later cooperation. After all, Gou has said more than once that he will follow apple. After all, Foxconn’s largest order comes from apple, and it must hold its “thighs”. < p > < p > since last year, apple frequently said that it wanted to develop Vietnam, India and other markets. Foxconn was the first to say that if Apple made a decision, Foxconn would follow suit to build factories there. This kind of “never leave or leave” is just to move apple. Some words and practices of Gou Taiming made many people in the mainland feel cold because he once said, “the mainland is inseparable Foxconn, because Foxconn has brought a lot of employment opportunities to the mainland, “it means obviously that Foxconn is giving the workers food to eat. This kind of “arrogant” language is still highly criticized. Originally, the workers did not have a good impression when they mentioned Foxconn. Gou’s statement intensified this contradiction. From “withdrawing from China” to “returning to the Chinese market”, apple can make its own decisions according to its own development, but it makes Gou in a dilemma. After all, the “big talk” has been put out, which is not a good ending. < / P > < p > the reason is that Apple’s sales volume in the global market has declined seriously. On the one hand, it is no longer “waiting to see” in the Chinese market; on the other hand, it is impacted by independent brands such as Huawei. In order to return to the peak of sales, we can’t give up the Chinese market, so Apple has reduced the price of several iPhone products, and the effect is still very good. Seeing the hope, Apple will surely follow up the victory, so it announced that it will soon set up a special production line in China, which will be produced by Chinese distributors. This is undoubtedly a huge concession. The reason why Apple didn’t choose Foxconn may also be that Foxconn’s reputation in China has been rapidly declining. Since the news that Foxconn has been “squeezing” its employees in the past few years, which has led to employees’ anxiety, no one has had a good impression on Foxconn, which has affected Apple’s status in the minds of ordinary people. Moreover, although Apple likes to see Foxconn “wholeheartedly” follow its own attitude, it is difficult to accept the attitude of “being on both sides of the wall” when facing major right and wrong. Therefore, Lixun precision may be more suitable for comparison. For Gou, Foxconn has brought him glory, but his arrogance may ruin the future of Foxconn. I can’t imagine how Foxconn will develop in the future without Apple’s orders, but it will certainly win the crown of “OEM giant”. What do you think of this problem= target=_ blank>Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year