Life and learning problems, a shot of the quark search, AI camera recognition and add new functions

Recently, the AI camera recognition function of Alibaba’s intelligent search app quark reappeared new highlights. It not only upgraded the functions of recognizing animals and plants, garbage classification, and photo search questions on the original basis, but also added AI functions to recognize rare characters, handwritten characters and cartoon characters.

at present, quark AI camera entrance is divided into six categories, such as “scanning code, taking questions, general purpose, translation, text, health”, etc., and has collected nearly ten functions such as identifying commodities, animals and plants, characters, calories, garbage classification, etc., covering all aspects of life scenes.

quark data shows that in the past year, the number of active users of quarks has increased by 5 times, the search volume has increased by 6 times, and the search volume of AI camera recognition has increased by more than 10 times. Besides being convenient and accurate, AI camera is becoming the second largest search entrance after the search box.

Wu Jia, head of the intelligent search business department of Ali innovation business group, said that the era of only one search box has passed, and the “box + AI tool” mode dominated by quark has become the standard configuration of the next generation of intelligent search. From the perspective of users, quark map recognition products are growing rapidly, which also confirms the gap in meeting the needs of specific scenarios: “for example, online education, which records the teacher’s blackboard writing, is a very important scene; for example, medical care also has a lot of demand, and users can take medical examination reports for further analysis.”

as a result, education and health care have also become the first places where quark AI technology takes off. During the epidemic, quark’s AI functions such as photo search, translation, drug scanning, calories, garbage sorting and other AI functions have emerged, benefiting the convenience of users in various life scenes.

after the brand-new upgrade, the quark AI camera has more complete product matrix, richer functions and more extensive scenes, such as mental arithmetic correction, cartoon character recognition and other functions, which also cover the dual scene needs of parents and students. Quark aims to achieve a step closer to the “universal search engine” by more accurate understanding of information content and improving user retrieval experience.

in addition to the simple recognition function, quark also launched AI vision test, AI body test and other functions, integrating search and AR interactive technology, playing a new interest. From this point of view, quark, as a search engine that says “define the future”, is continuously exploring the new connotation and value of intelligent search by exploring the imagination and boundary of AI camera. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia