Life label random printing, this good thing must be recommended!

Stickers are widely used in our daily life, especially in universities. However, at that time, the conditions were limited, and they were all handwritten contents! There are also small notes, ah, harm, at that time was really fun! However, once you write wrong or need to modify, you can only change one, which is also very inconvenient! Nowadays, the development of science and technology has greatly changed the traditional notes, learning, notes and stickers, which can not only be edited and modified by mobile phones, but also saved for a long time. And you can also set up a variety of good-looking background through the template, add pattern decoration, and the playability is more abundant. Recently in the recommendation of friends, started a seabird sticker printer, said to be fun and easy to use! More importantly, the appearance will be very high! I can’t wait to see the charm of this product! < / P > < p > you can see the appearance of this sticker printer through the outer packaging. There is Xiaomi Youpin logo in the lower left corner. As an ecological chain product, the packaging inherits Xiaomi’s minimalist style as always. The whole appearance looks very retro, but it is also very fashionable! As can be seen from the physical keyboard on the front, this printer can be operated without using mobile phone editing! Compared with the label printer I used before, this product is more playable! < / P > < p > simply open the box, the whole family photo of seabird sticker printer includes: host, instruction manual, type-C power cord and a roll of 4m label paper! When I received this printer, I also found that I sent a roll of color label paper, which was good for consumables! Before using the product, you can look at the manual, which has a detailed product introduction, and the follow-up use can be faster! < / P > < p > the overall color of the seabird sticker printer is white and light gray, and the size is 124 * 83 * 36.5mm. From the front, it looks a bit like a calculator with extremely high color. The weight of the whole machine is about 246g, but it’s very portable and light. It’s very convenient to carry it out! The most popular type-C interface is adopted at the bottom of the printer, which is convenient for us to find the data cable for charging at any time. There is also a manual cutting key on the top of the machine. When the printing is finished, you only need to push and pull to complete the cutting. After cutting, it will reset automatically. < / P > < p > next, install the label paper. For the author, I will first use the pure white label paper, because the scene is not selected, and it is easy to display various template styles. There will be a red sign on the front of the label paper, which means that it is easy to distinguish the positive and the negative because there are two contacts at the bottom. Just put it in the right position, and then pull out the label paper out of the cutting opening! < / P > < p > after installing the note paper, you can see that a part of yellow is exposed! What’s special about this printer is that it comes with a keyboard that can be used without a mobile phone around. It’s a great design! Let’s take a look at this panel. In addition to 26 letters, there is a row of number keys on the top. There are four direction keys in the lower right corner to facilitate editing and operation. There are other functions in the bottom row, such as settings, Bluetooth, templates, Chinese / English switch, etc. < / P > < p > before use, you can install the “seabird sticker printer” app. There are many functions to choose from in the app, such as creating a new label. After selecting a template to enter the editing page, you can see the text, icon, QR code, barcode, time and picture you can insert. Then there are label templates to choose from, including name tags, kitchen food, garbage classification, home office, fun and good mood. One of the app also has an interesting function, video cloud communication! This function is to convert pictures, videos and other content into QR code and then share them with friends or family! There are many scenes used, such as sharing notes with people you like. This way of sharing is more mysterious and can increase the intimacy with each other! By identifying the QR code, you can view the uploaded content! < / P > < p > seabird sticker printer adopts ink-free design, label paper is thermal paper tape, resolution is 203dpi, for this kind of label printer, printing patterns, text and other contents are very easy, and very clear! This kind of special label paper also has the characteristics of water-proof, oil-proof, sun proof and tear proof, and it is convenient to keep and will not fade easily. < / P > < p > these printed notes can be used as post it notes. Some household appliances, tools, clothes and food can be used. Whether it is a warm reminder, product description or food shelf-life prompt, it is convenient for us to do identification! < / P > < p > seabird sticker printer has many use scenarios in life, such as kitchen items, storage boxes, refrigerator storage boxes, small articles, etc., which can be identified by labeling. Otherwise, when there is always confusion after too many things, it will be very convenient to label the corresponding items. All kinds of sauce, vinegar, sauce and so on! And small things in life, such as fans, toothbrushes, medicines, shoes, cups, labels of books and so on! The main thing is that you can change the template and choose the font style as you like. For the friends who love beauty, it is a practical good thing for healing system! < / P > < p > for this sticker printer, in addition to the online appearance, the author prefers its full keyboard design. The addition of this one is quite creative. Compared with other similar products in the market, it is an innovation! And it won’t make people feel homogeneous! The overall experience is unique. It can be used normally without a mobile phone. Of course, the operation in the app is also very simple and convenient. Both editing methods are commendable! No matter at home or in the company, this kind of product is still very practical. I believe there are more interesting use scenarios waiting for you to discover ~ ~ < A= target=_ blank>Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine