Lighting up the opening season of school vivo CCTV news records the wonderful moments of your life

This summer seems to have been particularly “long”, growing to countless students so eager to usher in the beginning of school, back to the campus. What special things did you do, or what kind of special people did you meet during this super long holiday? At the beginning of school, what are your impressions of returning to the long separated campus or stepping into a new campus for the first time? These special moments are certainly worth recording. Recently, vivo joined hands with CCTV news to make a big event. Upload your vlog during your vacation or the beginning of school, and you will have a chance to get a vivo S7 mobile phone. < p > < p > in this video released by CCTV news, we tell the summer stories of five college students. From the examination results of freshmen to the realization of their dreams as beauty bloggers in their senior year, you can see their own shadow more or less in them. < / P > < p > the first one is about to enter the university career. When checking the score of the college entrance examination, the whole family cheered and hugged each other when they learned that their daughter had got a high score of 635. From primary school to high school, 12 years of efforts have not been in vain, all the sweat and tears at this moment are turned into excited cheers, the screen is full of joy and moved. And this, at the moment, is recorded by vivo S7. < p > < p > the second is a junior who takes delivery part-time in summer. Summer part-time job, for the students who are still in the stage of being respected, is undoubtedly a good opportunity for self-training, but also an important way to connect with the society. The third year student in the video took delivery in his spare time during the summer vacation. Although he shed a lot of sweat, he also gained a lot of growth. As the video says, “although I said I’m sorry more than I heard thank you, I’m optimistic about life and do everything well with my heart. I believe that I’ll get a satisfactory harvest in the end.”. Whether it’s taking a picture with goldfish on the street or taking a self timer to clock in and get a bad comment for the first time, it’s all a different scenery in life, which is worth us to record. < / P > < p > college students are synonymous with youth, youth can be publicity, can be willful, but must be their own! Just as vivo has been doing its own thing, from “soft light selfie”, “backlight is also clear”, to “Ai intelligent photography” and “super wide angle”, vivo has been insisting on refining technology and depositing experience in the field of camera, so as to provide users with better self shooting experience. Vivo S7, the latest generation product of vivo s series, has 44 million Ultra HD main camera, PDAF auto focusing and 105 ° ultra wide angle auxiliary camera. With the top hardware configuration in the industry and powerful algorithm software, it can bring users a comprehensive and ultimate self shooting experience. The 40 megapixel front camera can make the self shooting clearer; the reference of PDAF function solves the problem that the distance is too close to focus, which can realize the easy focusing from 15cm to infinity; the 105 ° super wide angle auxiliary camera can enlarge the viewing range, and the picture can accommodate more scenery and people. In addition, vivo S7 also brings a lot of trends, such as super night scene selfie 2.0, five super texture beauty 3.0, one click vlog, double exposure, etc., which greatly enriches the user’s self portrait experience. < / P > < p > What’s more, vivo S7 also has a very outstanding appearance. In terms of color matching, vivo S7 “Monet diffuse color”, “Jazz black” and “Moonlight white” have three texture colors, combined with the camera module of “two-color cloud scale design”, which brings simplicity, texture and fashion into full play. Lightweight design is also one of the main features of vivo S7. With only 170g body weight and the thinnest 7.39mm body thickness, it is enough to stand out among a large number of 5g mobile phones with more than 200g. It is also the main reason why many young people like this mobile phone. < / P > < p > the new school season has finally come. Have all the students arrived at school? After this super long holiday, once again see the campus and students who have been separated for a long time, there will be people and things that want to record. Please take part in the activities launched by vivo and CCTV news to light up the school season! Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer