Like the lightweight 5g mobile phone, you can see these three, the heaviest is only 185g

When 5g mobile phones bring speed and performance, the power consumption will also increase, which has higher requirements for the battery and thermal conductivity of the mobile phone, which directly leads to the weight of the mobile phone far exceeding that of 4G model. For example, the Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version, which has just come into the market soon, although it is very powerful in all aspects, it weighs 221.8g, and it is obviously falling. So is there a lighter 5g mobile phone? Small m for you to check the following three. < / P > < p > vivo S7 is a mobile phone with a price of about 2K, which is also the lightest model among the current 5g mobile phones. The thickness of the machine is only 7.39mm, and the weight is only 170g. It is naturally very light when you hold it in your hand. Even if you put it in the pocket of your clothes, it will not feel like falling. Many people have already guessed the size of the screen from the weight. The front of the machine uses a 6.44 inch AMOLED screen, the front side also uses a dual camera system, and the back uses a 6400w three camera system. There are a variety of shooting methods to meet the needs, including front and rear dual field shooting, texture video and wind, super night scene and other functions, to shoot new patterns for users.

  vivo The S7 is equipped with the snapdragon 765G processor with low power consumption. Although the performance of the S7 is not the best among the mobile phones of the same price, it can make the mobile phone so light and thin. However, with the light and thin body, the battery capacity of the machine is not very large. The 4000 Ma Battery + 33 fast charging is only to meet the daily needs of normal use of the machine There are still some deficiencies. < / P > < p > it has three different styles and colors of one plus eight. It is also a light and thin mobile phone. The thickness of the machine is 8mm and the weight is 180g. It has good texture after using. Because the price of one plus eight is relatively high, it has more advantages. The front AMOLED screen supports 90hz refresh rate and hdr10 +, which has excellent display effect. In addition, 4800W three camera module is used in the rear of the machine, and the main camera is equipped with imx586 sensor. The shooting effect is good, but the 1600W pixel front camera head seems not so powerful. < / P > < p > in terms of performance, this machine successfully surpasses the previous mobile phone. Equipped with the snapdragon 865 processor, the snapdragon 865 model can control the weight and thickness to this extent, which is excellent. The one plus eight battery is better than the last mobile phone. It has a capacity of 4300 Ma and supports 30t cable charging. However, if you choose one plus eight, you must have a psychological preparation for its simple system. If you are used to the optimized UI, you must be careful. < / P > < p > compared with the first two mobile phones, the weight of oppo ACE2 is 185g, and the thickness is 8.6MM, but it is still relatively excellent in appearance. Moreover, the screen refresh rate of oppo ACE2 has reached 90hz, and the smoothness is good. The rear camera adopts 4800W four camera system, and the main camera uses imx586 sensor. Although it is the sensor of last year, it still has certain competitiveness. < / P > < p > in its outstanding appearance, the unit is equipped with a snapdragon 865 processor and has an excellent cooling system, so its weight is acceptable. However, the battery capacity of this machine is only 4000 Ma, which is a little disappointing. Fortunately, the fast charging of 65W brings surprise to users. Even the wireless charging also reaches 40W, which has obvious advantages in speed. < / P > < p > in addition to the above three mobile phones, Huawei P40, Nova series and many other mobile phones are also relatively light type. If you care about the appearance, you can consider it. However, the weight of the mobile phone also has its advantages, which depends on their own preferences. So when you buy a mobile phone, do you pay attention to it? Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12