Limited time discount 800 to hand 3099 buy glory V30 pro on Jingdong

Since the launch of glory V30 pro at the end of last year, its popularity has been very high. At the same time, with its excellent use experience, it has gained gratifying user reputation in all major platforms. At present, glory V30 Pro has a special offer in Jingdong, with a drop of 800 yuan. The price is only 3099 yuan. You can also enjoy 12 periods of interest free white notes. < p > < p > glory V30 Pro carries Kirin 990 5g SOC chip, supports dual-mode 5g network, and supports SA / NSA two 5g networking modes, covering the mainstream 5g network frequency band at present, and has better compatibility. In terms of service life, the glory V30 Pro has a large 410mah battery, which supports 40W wired fast charging and 27W wireless fast charging. Glory V30 Pro adopts a more convenient side capacitive fingerprint module to support one touch second solution of the screen. < / P > < p > glory V30 Pro is the best camera model of glory V series so far. It carries 40 million super sensitive camera matrix in the rear, and Sony imx600 flagship sensor is selected as the main camera. Ryy B ultrasonic photosensitive filter array is adopted, and OIS dual optical anti shake is also supported. The telephoto lens supports 3x optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom and up to 30x digital zoom. Glory V30 Pro front 32 million + 8 million pixels dual camera self shot lens, can achieve progressive virtual effect. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?