Liu Wei’s mother’s anti-cancer sentiment for many years: found that the people around him live well, said no, No

On the 28th, Liu Wei’s mother posted an article on the social platform: “I suddenly found that the people around you are living well. If you don’t, there will be no more! My son said that she liked her mother’s long hair, but in order to survive, she lost her hair overnight after treatment! Since people are still alive, live well! Cherish every day alive “has attracted many people’s attention.

Liu Wei himself also responded in the comment area: “we should have a good life, and it must be very healthy. Don’t be pessimistic. We should be optimistic and cheerful. Our short hair is still very beautiful.” after several years of anti-cancer experience, Liu Wei’s mother rarely confided on the social platform, and it can be seen that she has walked out of the suffering of illness and restored her self-confidence.

in a variety show, Liu Wei revealed that his mother found cancer when he was 30 years old. In order to prevent cancer, Liu Wei cut off a long hair and left a thin inch. Liu Wei’s life experience was quite rough. Fortunately, Liu Wei’s mother had a tenacious struggle to fight against cancer.

as a result, Liu Wei’s mother was found to have cancer again a few years later. She herself had the previous successful experience in anti-cancer, and she was much more confident. This illness did not affect her mood, optimistic against cancer. Even Guo biting, who got to know on the program, appeared as a daughter and called mummy sweetly.

although Liu Wei himself has made his debut in talent shows, he has not performed music on the stage many times. Instead, he often appears on the stage of various variety shows in order to wait for opportunities. Fortunately, Liu Wei’s natural sense of variety shows makes him very popular with the outside world, and his hard work in recent years has also gained many fans.

Liu Wei’s mother’s optimistic attitude is also commendable. She is still very strong after overcoming her illness again and again. I hope she will recover well and be healthy in the future, so as not to be disturbed by illness.

Author: zmhuaxia