Long distance love is afraid of Chinese New Year’s Eve

In our life, the number of long-distance love couples is countless. At present, long-distance love has become a common situation. According to the analysis, the number of long-distance love accounts for about 50% of the total number of love. So whether you are a student or a white-collar worker, there are always some people who are experiencing long-distance love. In the eyes of the vast majority of couples, long-distance love may be painful or happy, but no matter which kind it is, it has to go through a period of suffering years. A saying often heard in long-distance love is “after long-distance love, we will get married”. But how many people can really get through it? < / P > < p > I once saw the most cruel sentence about long-distance love: “long distance love? Forget it, it’s just a mobile phone pet.” In fact, many people are pessimistic about long-distance love because they can’t manage it. In fact, there are many long-distance lovers around me, but they did not give up the relationship because of the distance. Even though we can’t be together every day, I will try my best to make our hearts closer to each other. < / P > < p > couples are very sensitive to festivals. Even if there are no flowers or gifts, they will be satisfied to go to the cinema to see a movie. This is very simple for couples together, but it is a big problem for long-distance lovers. It’s hard, but it’s not that it can’t be solved. For example, sunflower remote control software, it can help remote couples to solve this problem, this domestic free remote control software, in use is also very simple. < / P > < p > to watch movies in different places is to let one person remote another’s mobile phones to choose the movies they want to watch. As for whether it is boys’ remote girls’ mobile phones or girls’ remote boys’ mobile phones, both parties can freely decide, After remote connection, you can watch movies in different places on your mobile phone. If you can’t go to the cinema to see a new movie, it’s good to choose an old movie that has been collected for a long time. It’s important for two people to watch together. < / P > < p > how to operate a remote mobile phone? We take the girl’s remote male mobile phone as an example to illustrate that girls download the sunflower remote control terminal on the mobile phone, while the boy downloads the sunflower controlled terminal. It should be noted that IOS can only be used as the control terminal, not the controlled terminal, and Android can be controlled and controlled. After registering an account, both parties log in to the same account. For the first time, the accused end needs to set up an access password to facilitate the remote control in the later stage. Then, the “Android authorization” function is purchased in the app. The sunflower control mobile phone function needs to be charged, but the price is quite cost-effective on the cost of a movie. < / P > < p > next, the main control terminal opens the app, finds the controlled mobile phone, carries out the “remote desktop” function and enters the access password to access the other party’s mobile phone. Two people can enter the video website and choose a movie you like to watch. With this function, no matter after work or on weekends, if both parties want to watch a movie, they can use sunflower to help you, There is no need to envy other lovers to go to the cinema. < / P > < p > the coming Chinese Valentine’s day, are you in a long-distance relationship suffering because you can’t come to each other? Try sunflower remote control software. Even if you are thousands of miles apart, it’s a surprise to watch a movie with her on the Chinese Valentine’s day. Life is not composed of many happy and unhappy people, In the ordinary day, there is a surprise like this, which will surely warm up the relationship between them! < A= https://twhosting.com/865-optimization-is-different-these-mobile-phones-should-teach-you-a-lesson/ target=_ blank>Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!