Longer than millet 6! Meizu M8 nail households come, Meizu: can add money for 17

Xiaomi 6 is the turning point of Xiaomi, and it is also a real classic. It uses a 5.15 inch screen and a snapdragon 835 processor. It first launches 6G storage, and later it introduces 4G version. The front 8 megapixel single shot, the rear dual 12 megapixel camera, built-in 3350 MAH battery, supporting 18W fast charging, the initial price is 2499 yuan. Compared with the previous generation, Xiaomi 6 has no residual blood castration processor and 4G storage, so it still has enough materials. In addition, the design with millet style has been highly praised by users. < / P > < p > it is said that the life span of Android phones is only two to three years. In fact, this time is only the official after-sales service time. After this period, no upgrade and maintenance is provided. The mobile phone is still used as usual, and it can be used for four to five years without playing games and just chatting. Xiaomi 6, glory 10, glory V10 and other mobile phones are still used by users, which shows that the life cycle of Android phones is not short. < p > < p > today, Meizu issued an announcement to look for Meizu M8 users. Meizu found that there are still 4 users who will use Meizu M8 as the main machine. Meizu will provide a discount for these four users and buy one Meizu 17 series with the initial price of Meizu M8 of 2388 yuan. Before 2008, Meizu was still an MP3 manufacturer, and oppo and Bubugao were mainly MP3 and music mobile phones. After Apple’s iPhone was released, Huang Zhang realized that MP3 players would be eliminated and gave up entering the mobile phone industry. Because of his small business, Huang Zhang chose to expand his popularity through forum marketing, which is also the early prototype of online marketing. < p > < p > at that time, there was no android system, Meizu M8 ran Windows CE. Huang Zhang designed it by himself, interacted with Meiyou in the forum, and improved it bit by bit. It can be said that Meizu M8 is a mobile phone jointly completed by Meizu and Meiyou. Meiyou is also an extremely rare iron powder in the mobile phone industry. Even though he has experienced many storms, he has not given up. Meizu M8 has become a classic, praised by netizens as the king of domestic machine, and was rated as the top ten mobile phones of the year in 2009. < p > < p > it has been 12 years since 2008. Meizu is still a small factory, but Meiyou has been dialing again and again. Smart phones have also changed from Windows CE to Android. It is totally unthinkable to be able to persist and use as the main machine. Netizens believe that even if there is, it is also for the elderly at home. It is possible to make a phone call without surfing the Internet. < / P > < p > Meizu is looking for Meizu M8 users. The original intention is good, but whether the four Meizu users can see it or not will not be changed. Is it not good to keep a memorial? Besides, the sincerity of Meizu is too little to be replaced.

12 years old fellow iron powder itself has very important significance, itself is worth the Meizu nationality’s treasure, even if the free gift is also supposed to, the smooth propaganda can play the good result. Now it is Meizu who wants to hype the four old users of Meizu M8 to take the opportunity to publicize Meizu 17 series. This 12 years of support is only worth 2388 yuan of M8. If you want to buy Meizu 17, you need to add money. The 8 + 128GB version of Meizu 17 sells for 3699 yuan, which requires an individual to pay 1311 yuan. New product launch