Look! This is the taste of money Xiaomi transparent TV set off the digital circle

Although some popular models of Xiaomi’s TV products have been crushed by Huawei’s smart screen, no one in China can compare with Xiaomi in terms of playing tricks and concepts You can always give me some new tricks! < / P > < p > a few years ago, Xiaomi showed the thinnest TV in the world at that time on CES, and led was still used, which really attracted a lot of attention. The OLED Master TV series released by Xiaomi before was also the first OLED TV series supporting hdmi2.1 and full format HDR in China. The price of 65 inch 12999 yuan is also considered conscience. However, when we saw the transparent OLED TV released by Xiaomi last night, we found that: at least in terms of design creativity, Xiaomi still has several brushes! < / P > < p > in fact, making OLED transparent is not a very difficult technical problem, because the relevant panels have been out for a long time. If you don’t believe it, go to Jingdong electric experience hall or other places to show display technology, most of them have transparent OLED screens for demonstration. It’s just that the cost of this thing is too high, and it’s really flashy to use on TV. Besides being full of stuff, it’s just a matter of showing off local tyrants. After all, when watching TV, a transparent screen can bring some flavor of science fiction. For the viewing experience, it does not have much positive significance and is greatly affected by the environment. However, what you have to admit is that when a transparent TV is put in front of you, anyone who is not blind will be attracted. This concept is bigger than practical products. When it is really in front of you, maybe many people will send out the feeling of “Oh, my sister whining” just like seeing the folding screen mobile phone for the first time! From this point of view, millet transparent TV has been successful before it is sold. < / P > < p > and no matter how practical it is, and no matter how many sets it can eventually sell, Xiaomi transparent TV’s sense of existence is a lever. In less than a day, the major media have reported it one after another, each player is amazed, and there are countless forum posts Lei Jun said I am ok! The price of < / P > < p > 49999 yuan is not only the highest price of millet TV at present, but also the highest price of 55 inch TV in the world. In fact, the parameters of this 55 inch OLED TV don’t smell good because of the design, the sci-fi experience and the highest price in the world? Well, it doesn’t smell good, but at least it has a top-notch force! < / P > < p > of course, if anyone wants to buy it back and want to have nothing to do with the content on TV like Lei Jun’s display, I’m sorry, I can change the common language of food posters: the experience is subject to the real object, and the display is for reference only! < / P > < p > in addition, as for Xiaomi’s promotion of the world’s first mass production transparent OLED, we have some doubts about the concept and number of mass production. Although even Jingdong has publicized Xiaomi, the so-called pre-sale transparent OLED TV of Xiaomi is sold out in one second, but after looking at the current number of appointments, a total of 28 people gave a deposit of 1000 yuan before the deadline. But in fact, when 10 people paid a deposit, Jingdong announced that it was sold out. In this way, the so-called mass production is not much. At least, Lei Jun will not be allowed to go to the factory to screw the screws. However, we still admire the dozens of local tyrants who have given deposit. After all, as we said, this TV is not as practical as we thought. But for those who can buy a 55 inch OLED TV for 49999 yuan, what they need is practicality? No, they need toys to show off! < / P > < p > If I had a lot of money, I would also like to spend 49999 yuan to buy such a TV, and then I would not do anything else. I would let my friends visit this X-ray artifact, and I would say to my friends with pride: Look! This is the taste of money! < / P > < p > perhaps for the local tyrants, the only drawback of Xiaomi transparent TV is not its general practicability, but its small size. Although it is sci-fi and powerful enough, we believe that if there are 100 inch OLED transparent TVs and sold for hundreds of thousands, these people who buy Xiaomi 55 inch transparent TV will also be willing to place an order. It is estimated that Xiaomi will also be very sorry. Anyway, with such a small sales volume, why there is no 100 inch transparent OLED panel energy production? < / P > < p > finally, we should oppose boss Lei’s saying that “Xiaomi is mainly engaged in ultra-high-end fields recently”. Let such a product come out. Xiaomi is not focusing on super high-end products, but on the wallets of local tyrants! If you ask the users who have bought this product, how about the gamut, the image quality and the refresh rate, they don’t care! From this point of view, Xiaomi should add more drumsticks to the partners in the TV design department! A doomed not to sell a lot of products, can brush up the digital circle, we can only capital clothes! In addition, quietly speaking, Xiaomi’s 65 inch OLED TV has been reduced recently, with a minimum price of 10999 yuan. With the promotion of Xiaomi transparent TV, it should be possible to brush a wave of sales, right? Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”