Looking at the four main types of 5g popular SOC, we found these trends

Domestic 5g construction is in full swing, more and more cities are accessing 5g network, China is popularizing 5g business at a very fast speed. In this process, a large number of 5g terminal chips with good quality and low price are needed to carry the task of popularizing 5g. So now what can popularize 5g mobile phone chips? What are the characteristics of these chips? What rules can we find out from it? < / P > < p > this time, we use four mobile phone chips, namely, Xiaolong 690, Orion 880, Tianji 720 and Huben t7510, which play a key role in the popularization of 5g, to interpret the development law and trend of 5g chips in detail. < p > < p > Qualcomm snapdragon 690 was born in June 2020. It is a chip tailored for the 5g popular market. The overall CPU and GPU performance are not poor. The greater significance of the snapdragon 690 is to improve the competitiveness of the 5g chip of Qualcomm and fill the gap of 5g chip competition under the snapdragon 7 series. < / P > < p > due to positioning reasons, the built-in baseband of snapdragon 690 is not X52, but snapdragon X51. Compared with snapdragon X52, snapdragon X51 mainly reduces the support for millimeter wave, but still adopts the integrated design of “baseband + chip” and supports 5g dual-mode. < p > < p > 3. Snapdragon 690 supports the fifth generation of qcomm AI engine. AI performance has been greatly improved. Products using this platform will have certain advantages in actual AI experience. < / P > < p > 4. With the support of 120Hz refresh rate and the perfect technology platform of snapdragon 690, manufacturers can further lower the price of high refresh rate screen. < / P > < p > summary: at present, there is no 5g mobile phone equipped with snapdragon 690 in the market. However, according to the market rules in recent years, the snapdragon 690 is likely to be the highest sales among the four chips. With the overall stable performance of the snapdragon 6 series, this chip will promote the development of 5g mobile phones with Huimin price in terms of image and high refresh rate screen. < p > < p > Samsung’s design ideas for mobile chips are always shining. Especially since the 5g era, Samsung has made frequent efforts on 5g chips. By the end of 2019, Samsung will mass produce Orion 980 through joint development with vivo, and more advanced Orion 990 will be put into European and American markets. We have also tested the performance of Orion 980 before, and the overall performance is not weak under the guidance of vivo. Compared with Orion 980, Orion 880 is much lower profile. < p > < p > the biggest highlight of this Samsung Orion chip is that it can support up to 98 million pixels of photos. Such product planning is likely to comply with the development law of Samsung’s high pixel CMOS. At present, the vivo y70s, which is widely used in mass production, has a starting price of 1998 yuan. < / P > < p > in the mobile chip market, MediaTek has come with Tianji. This year’s MediaTek has really gained everyone’s trust and market recognition through the brand-new “Tianji” 1000, 800 and 700 series. The outstanding market performance has made the market value of MediaTek go up all the way, even surpassing Foxconn for a time. < / P > < p > back to Tianji 720, this chip is the response of MediaTek to 5g popularization market. In the selection of CPU core, MediaTek chooses energy consumption first. Therefore, the CPU core adopts the mature A76. The chip design is more subject to the market positioning. The maximum pixel support frame is set at 64 million pixels, and 4k30 frame video recording can also make more The human body can enjoy video. This chip is also designed with AI module, and the corresponding AI operation will be more convenient. In addition, this chip design tends to be endurance, and the new endurance Shenji is likely to use Tianji 720 chip. The biggest feature of Tianji 720 is that it supports UFS 2.2. Although the 5g flagship has soared to UFS 3.1, it still can not prevent the new flash memory standard UFS 2.2 in the popularization of 5g mobile phones. In addition, Tianji 720 also supports 90hz high refresh rate screens. At present, realme V5, a mass-produced model of Tianji 720, supports 90hz high refresh rate screens. The starting price of 1499 yuan can’t help but shout “yes”. < p > < p > purple light zhanrui has achieved a wave of existential feeling with the 6 nm process technology of Huben t7520 this year. A lot of people said, “how can an unknown domestic company be so strong?” In fact, Spreadtrum, the predecessor of Ziguang Spreadtrum, has always been an old mobile chip design company in China. Its customers include ZTE, Hisense, Samsung and other well-known mobile phone manufacturers. < / P > < p > after the acquisition of Spreadtrum, Ziguang group changed its name to Ziguang Spreadtrum, mainly focusing on the Internet of things and popular mobile chips. Therefore, in recent years, Ziguang Spreadtrum has been relatively low-key, but this does not hinder its development and growth. < / P > < p > Huben t7510, a popular product for 5g market, has few public information. Huben t7510 is the only one of the four chips that uses external baseband design. The external baseband is chunteng v510, and the baseband and and the main body of the chip adopt TSMC 12NM process technology. At present, the public information has not disclosed the support for the highest pixel, but judging from the Hisense F50 equipped with Huben t7510 using 48 million post main camera, the maximum pixel supported by Huben t7510 will not be less than 48 million. The biggest highlight of Huben t7510 chip design is heterogeneous dual core NPU. Obviously, no one wants to give up the next main battlefield AI. At present, Hisense F50 and Coolpad X10 are the mobile phones that use Huben t7510. The starting prices are 2199 yuan and 1388 yuan respectively. < / P > < p > 5g popular chips are subject to the cost, which often tests the chip design skills of each company. After all, chip design firms that occupy the technological highland tend to further expand their influence in popularizing 5g chips by decentralizing cutting-edge technologies and reducing the cost of mass production. However, we can still observe the development trend of 5g popular chips: < / P > < p > 1. Advanced nano chip technology has been popularized in 5g popular chips. Three of the four chips we checked have moved into chip process within 10nm, which is more due to the global market demand for 5g popularization and the progress of chip foundry process technology. The core reason is that the global market attaches great importance to 5g universal chips. AI has become a key issue for chip manufacturers. The four 5g popular chips are equipped with AI module. The addition of AI module will make users more convenient in the use process and enhance the competitiveness of products. Although the industry has not been able to determine the final direction of AI evolution, no one is willing to give up the right to define the future of AI. 3. Imaging ability has become the focus of 5g chips. The snapdragon 690 has exaggerated its support for 190 million pixels, and the Samsung Orion 880 has also increased the maximum pixel support to 96 million, which means that 5g popular models will usher in the “pixels” of the post image system. However, the improvement of image system is a systematic project, and this development trend is relatively slow. < / P > < p > in general, the development focus of 5g popular chips has shifted from performance to AI, imaging and other aspects, which does not mean that the development of performance has become unimportant. On the contrary, it shows that 5g popular models have also broken through the performance threshold. Therefore, the design idea of 5g popular chips will change from “improving performance” to “integrating more abundant functions”, which means that more and more functions will be integrated More and more people will experience the joy of technology through 5g universal model. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing