Looking at the mobile phone brands that disappeared in 2020, I really miss it. Have you used them?

Entering the 5g era, the smart phone market is facing a new round of shuffling, but many brands have not persisted. Sometimes they suddenly think of those classic models, and even miss them. In today’s highly competitive smartphone market, every company has put on airsea tactics, and even apple has brought four different iPhone 12 series products in one breath this year. Android flagship seems to be back in the era of competing parameters. Whoever has a large scale can have a greater advantage in front of suppliers, while small mobile phone manufacturers are struggling. < / P > < p > although the 360 mobile phone business has not completely given up, it has not launched new products for a long time. 360 mobile phones, which focus on safety protection and cost performance, have also had good sales performance online. In particular, the 360 N6 Pro was a strong competitor of Xiaomi note 3 in 2017. After all, Xiaomi did not have a full screen mobile phone of the same level. < p > < p > and 360 N6 Pro is not outstanding in today’s view, but the overall appearance design was very satisfactory at that time, and the appearance design also made people remember that 360 smart phones were mellow and moderate, not amazing enough, but classic enough to watch. < / P > < p > once ZTE, Huawei, Coolpad and Lenovo were the four king of offline contract smart phones. However, Coolpad has been in a slump. It is hard to see the once cost-effective strength. < p > < p > and LETV, which once cooperated with Coolpad to launch cool1 smart phone, has gradually moved away from our vision after Jia Yueting’s so-called ecological collapse. At the beginning, LETV mobile phones also had high cost performance and competitive products, but now they have disappeared. < / P > < p > in the subdivided field, the Meitu mobile phone can be said to have a brilliant sales volume. It mainly focuses on the women’s self portrait market, and has great recognition in the appearance design. There are also many joint brands, such as the beauty girl warrior and Hello Kitty, which are very popular with girls. However, in the case that the performance of smart phones can not open the gap, the thunder snake mobile phone disappeared in a hurry after it was launched for two generations. In fact, raptor mobile phone is the first product with high refresh rate screen, which is in the forefront of the times. Although the hammer mobile phone has been completely renamed nut mobile phone, it has not completely disappeared from the public view. However, with Luo Yonghao temporarily giving up the smartphone business, hammer products have become more niche. As the first smart phone to win the if Design Gold Award in China, the hammer T1 in those years was a very amazing product, and the design is excellent enough now. However, it is still uncertain whether the nut mobile phone will bring a broader market. < p > < p > Meizu mobile phone has become a small factory now. When it was the most beautiful, it was able to drive with Xiaomi. Of course, the meritorious official is Meilan mobile phone, but with Li Nan’s departure, Meilan mobile phone has also left our vision. The real flagship of that year is hard to see now. < p > < p > as a kind of fast moving consumer goods, the development of smart phone industry is changing with each passing day. Only by understanding the change of consumer demand can we have a better development. Now in the domestic smartphone market, Huawei, oppo, vivo and Xiaomi have become four major manufacturers, and their respective brands are Rongyao, Yijia, realme, iqoo and Hongmi. And the past of many mobile phone brands, now also rare to see. What products have you used in these brands? Welcome to leave a message for discussion. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list