Lost the iPhone! The bus driver searched three times and finally found it

At 8:15 on November 29, a female passenger took the tunnel line 6 from Yinshan road terminus to Puxi. The iPhone slipped out of her pocket. Unknowingly, she arrived at the station and got off the car only to find that she had lost her mobile phone, so she contacted her husband, Mr. Xin, to look for it. As a result, Mr. Xin immediately left home and came to the Yinshan road control room of the sixth line of the tunnel, and asked Li Chong, the dispatcher on duty, whether any driver or passenger found a mobile phone. Li Chong asked around, saying that no one had found any lost items for the time being, so he carefully asked Mr. Xin about the information of his wife’s car at that time. After investigation, he locked the car that Dai Jiong was driving in. Li Zhen suggested that the driver could call his mobile phone to find the owner’s mobile phone. Mr Xin said that her wife would switch her mobile phone to the non disturbing mode when she was in the car, and there was no sound or vibration when calling. Li Chong sent a message to Dai Jiong through the dispatching system to inform him of the situation. Dai Jiong, the driver, responded decisively after receiving the information. He first stopped the car at the Century Avenue station and inspected the carriage, but no mobile phone was found. When everyone is ready to give up and Mr Xin wants to leave, Dai Jiong still doesn’t give up every corner of the car. After several rounds, I finally found this Apple phone in a corner! It was hidden in the gap between the front door seat and the car side panel. When Dai Jiong walked out of the car with his mobile phone, Mr. Xin was deeply moved. He walked quickly to him. He was surprised and said, “God, I didn’t expect to be here. It’s really troublesome to lose my mobile phone. I didn’t expect you to help me find it again. Finally, I found it. Thank you very much!” Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction