Low price iPhone 12e exposure! LCD screen + 4G network, starting price may be less than 4000 yuan

In order to take care of areas that have not yet launched 5g networks, apple this year has been exposed to the possibility of adding a 4G iPhone to the iPhone 12 series, which is specifically aimed at areas without 5g networks. It’s called the iPhone 12e.

the general appearance of the iPhone 12e is similar to that of the iPhone 12 series, which is divided into 5.4-inch version and 6.1-inch version.

the difference is that both iphone12es will use LCD screens instead of OLEDs. In the network system, only 4G network is supported. But fortunately, the iPhone 12e will still carry the latest A14 processor, faceid and 12 million dual camera system, which is not inferior to other iPhone 12 in core performance configuration.

now in some relatively remote and non hot spots areas, the construction of 5g network base stations has not been launched, including rural areas in the United States. In these places, 4G network is still the mainstream of mobile communication network.

but I’m afraid this iPhone 12e will not be released with the iPhone 12 Series in September. According to reports, the two cheap versions of the iPhone, which use LCD screens, are expected to be released around March next year. The starting prices for 5.4 inches are 549 US dollars, about 3860 yuan RMB, and 6.1 inches are 649 US dollars, about 4560 yuan.

from this year’s iPhone E2 to the recently disclosed iPhone 12e, we can see that apple is laying out its products in the low-end market. After all, the flagship new iPhone product is more and more expensive year by year. Apple needs to add competitive products in the traditional price range of 3000-5000 yuan to ensure that the overall number of users of Apple’s ecology will not decline, which will affect the profitability of Apple’s Internet services.

Author: zmhuaxia