Luo Yonghao failed to inherit the mantle of jobs, can Li Nan become the Miyamoto of China?

When Luo Yonghao was still wrestling with the “best” hammer mobile phone in the eastern hemisphere, many people ridiculed him that he should talk about talk shows. After all, talk shows are easier to make money than mobile phones. < p > < p > now hammer mobile phone is no longer surnamed Luo, and Lao Luo, who pays debts first, no longer resists talk shows, or he doesn’t resist it all the time. When Luo fat interviewed him, he said frankly: I can’t, but I can talk about talk show. It can be seen that this business has always been a “spare tire” in the bottom of his heart. However, there is always a gap between ideal and reality. When Lao Luo really began to talk about talk shows, people’s enthusiasm was not so high, although his speech always attracted a large audience aiming at “cross talk”. According to relevant media, Luo Yonghao’s talk show has been temporarily grounded after being a flight guest for several times. Although he has invested a lot of energy in the early stage, the effect seems to be unsatisfactory. Lao Luo also made a statement on his micro blog about the “talk show” project: compared with live broadcasting, it is cumbersome and distracts energy, leading to a decline in performance. < p > < p > on September 3, Li Nan said on her microblog that her YMC program was delayed because she couldn’t find anyone to write a story, and now she wants to play a talk show. And it also attached a special recruitment email, apparently Li Nan is not a joke about the talk show. < p > < p > at present, Li Nan’s program has not yet been launched, and Luo Yonghao’s program has been stranded. Although the progress is different, the original intention of choosing talk show is the same, that is, traffic. < / P > < p > with the flow, Lao Luo’s main business, live delivery with goods, will be popular, and there will be pit fees and sales; with the flow, Li Nan’s Nu meow technology can be paid attention to, and more niche products similar to 3000 yuan keyboard can be sold. < / P > < p > as the founder of hammer technology, Luo Yonghao has not accumulated enough wealth in recent years by making mobile phones. On the contrary, Luo Yonghao has been burdened with a lot of debts, and he has even become a Laolai with limited consumption for a time. Li Nan, once one of the “three swordsmen of the Meizu”, though the Meizu’s decline in the past two years, the role of its senior management must have accumulated a certain amount of wealth. < / P > < p > therefore, although both chose to start their own businesses after leaving the mobile phone industry, their urgency is obviously different. Luo Yonghao wants to make money to pay off debts as soon as possible, while Li Nan can do things for his own taste. < p > < p > the urgent Luo Yonghao chose the quickest way to realize cash with live delivery. As Luo Yonghao himself said, hammer technology has only 10 months of positive cash flow in the past six years, but now it’s doing live broadcasting – it’s profitable on the first day. < p > < p > LUO Yonghao, who brings goods live, knows that the basis of all goods is traffic. Although he is a big V with tens of millions of fans in the whole network, he still needs constant topics and new actions to maintain his popularity. Therefore, the purpose of high-intensity microblogging and talk show is to make users pay attention to themselves, then sell goods, make money, and pay off debts. In short, “long live understanding.”. < / P > < p > not long ago, Li Nan, as CEO of Nu meow technology, opened an online conference in station B, a talk show style conference. Unlike Meizu, each press conference had to ask a star to help sing. This conference was very low-key, including Li Nan’s slightly “lazy” state in front of the camera. It was hard to imagine that this was the first release of its new company. < p > < p > the conference time was only half an hour. Li Nan showed several customized wireless high-end peripherals, all of which were not cheap. Among them, the limited set of nowire was as high as 6200 yuan. It is worth noting that before the launch of the conference, the cyberboard mechanical keyboard has been sold out. < / P > < p > although the products are basically sold out, considering its very small sales volume, and the vast majority of products are in the form of limited edition and crowdfunding, compared with Li Nan’s popularity and influence in the past, the effect of this conference seems not ideal. < p > < p > perhaps Li Nan himself had anticipated this situation for a long time. After all, customized products themselves are aimed at a very small group of users. However, the analysis of a series of products such as TWS earphones, whether Li Nan or its Nu meow technology, still needs enough user attention and discussion in the future. < / P > < p > this is also the reason why Li Nan often appears as a guest in some B station video up main programs recently. Before that, of course, he was also a up master himself. Li Nan, who attaches great importance to marketing, tries to create more exposure dimensions. The up role of station B and the cautious talk show are all looking for potential buyers of their “small and beautiful” products. < p > < p > it is worth noting that at the first product release conference of Nu meow technology, Li Nan repeatedly ridiculed “cheated father Ma of $590 million”. In fact, this time, Li Nan also got the trust of “father Wang”. As for Li Nan, Wang Xing said at dinner: Although Li Nan is a little older than himself, he is always analyzing the most fashionable young people. I’m willing to invest in him even though I don’t understand what he’s talking about. < p > < p > with funds in hand, Li Nan’s mentality is naturally different. After the press conference, he said that Nu mew technology will be the last vote of his career. The time of success or failure will be 3-5 years, and the ultimate goal is to become “Nintendo in China”. < / P > < p > such an “unreal” ultimate goal, if only from those 3000 yuan keyboard, 1000 yuan mouse pad, it seems that the wind horse cattle are not the same. We do not deny the existence of high-end customized products market, and recognize the consumption power of those who love customized products, but it is always a very small number of people. < / P > < p > high end products are the market positioning set by Li Nan for nu meow. He believes that with the development and progress of the economy, the future domestic high-end brands will have more than 20% of the space as the Japanese market today. < / P > < p > but this is an answer that will not be known until a few years later. I can only sigh that Li Nan’s attitude towards angry meow is similar to that of Lao Luo’s self-confidence when he released the hammer T1. Before the T1 sale, Lao Luo talked about the future influence of hammer technology: Hammer mobile phone will change the way people use smart phones. Hammer technology will not only subvert the IT industry, but also fight against the conservative values of the whole mean. Times have changed. As a consumer, Li Nan, who had sold several hundred yuan or 1000 yuan magic blue mobile phones, suddenly pulled out a 3000 yuan keyboard and 1000 yuan mouse pad, and yelled to enter the high-end, all eyes were flashing Lao Luo’s appearance. The only difference may be that Li Nan’s body is not as aggressive as Luo Yonghao. < / P > < p > it is always good to have a dream, in case it is realized by accident. However, carefully considering the target market of Nu meow and the 20% high-end user group that has not yet formed, even if the future Chinese market is really as predicted by Li Nan, what he can reach is only a small part of the 20% high-end users. Both apple and Nintendo are oriented to the vast number of consumers, and customization itself is the positioning of the super minority, and the mass market is always the existence that it can not involve. < / P > < p > as for how much favor Nu meow can win among the 20% of high-end people, it depends on Li Nan’s creative ability. Winning by creativity may also be the reason why Li Nan takes Nintendo as the ultimate goal, because Nintendo has always been the unique existence of winning by creativity when almost all game enterprises are competing for hardware. However, when it went on sale in 1983, Miyamoto, who would later become a Nintendo legend producer, was in his early 30s. Now, Li Nan, who has already passed his 40s, can really catch the hearts of young people? Can we grasp the essence of customized technology products? After all, Li Nan chooses the customized field which is far higher than the audience of video games. Those users who spend all day in various customized chat groups and forums are willing to pay a high price to choose such products, which means that they have super high requirements for the products. Only from the product performance brought by Li Nan this time, although it looks cool, there are still many hidden worries. The specific problems have been reflected in the discussions in various forums. < p > < p > LUO Yonghao, who insists on selling goods, said that he never thought it was a betrayal of the past to make some money to pay off debts before continuing to pursue his dream. As for Li Nan, who did not choose to become vice president of XX company or join the “enemy Alliance”, he used the 30 minute talk show to give an answer to investors By the way, test the reaction of the outside world. His talk show is actually to establish a brand “people set” and get seed users, the marketing goal is no longer you and me. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! 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