Luo Yonghao serves as “quality experience officer” of Suning e-buy

Recently, brother tiktok Luo Yonghao officially became the “quality experience officer”. At 8 tiktok on August 7th, Luo Yonghao will open the first Suning special live broadcast in the live broadcast of the sound. All the products of this live broadcast will be directly supplied by Suning e-buy official channels, so as to ensure the quality of goods. Consumers can also enjoy the quality of Suning’s high-quality logistics and after-sales service.

the year 2019 is called the first year of live e-commerce. In 2020, the emerging business form of live e-commerce is on the crest of the storm. However, the “source quality” has been criticized by the industry and consumers. Although the emerging format of “live e-commerce” is particularly favored by consumers, the uneven quality of goods supply makes consumers suffer, which seriously hinders the healthy development of the live broadcasting industry. Subsequently, the e-commerce platform and the responsible head anchors carried the “flag”.

tiktok Luo Yonghao and’s cooperation, “shaking a brother” Luo Yonghao will be “quality experience officer”. Luo Yonghao has been called “brand selection official” by major brands and fans. Poor quality products will be rejected. This attitude has been praised by all parties. Tiktok signed a cooperation with tiktok recently. is carrying all the volume of genuine products to the jitter shop. Tiktok brother Luo Yonghao tiktok became the first head anchor of’s cooperation after he was settled in a small vibrated shop.

it is understood that on the evening of August 7, all the goods of the live broadcast came from Suning E-mart genuine products, with a complete range of goods, including digital, household appliances, daily chemicals, food, etc. Food includes Wuliangye, Budweiser and laiyifen, daily chemicals include Adidas, Dior, L’Oreal and AoMiao, household appliances include Midea, Panasonic and Galanz, and digital products include Suning Jiwu, Huawei, Haier, etc., and famous brands are gathered.

as a professional e-commerce platform in China, Suning E-mart has “sharpened a sword in 30 years” in service, and built its own logistics and professional customer service team. The cooperation between Luo Yonghao and Suning will further improve consumers’ shopping experience and thoroughly solve consumers’ worries. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia