Ma Huateng also can’t understand! Why do more and more people give up QQ rating?

Nowadays, wechat of Tencent has become the most important social tool, which has won the support of more than one billion users in China. Although wechat has made great achievements, it was only a “younger brother” a few years ago. As early as 1999, the QQ created by Ma Huateng was officially born, which is also his masterpiece. Based on this, Tencent has become more and more powerful, until it has become a domestic giant Internet enterprise. < / P > < p > in the early stage of QQ release, as users can be very fresh about it, QQ soon gained a large number of users. In the later stage, it constantly improved its functions and launched a series of special services, making it gradually become a social giant with more than one billion users. At that time, the most fascinating thing about QQ was the promotion of the level of the account. As there was no time limit at that time, many people would hang up QQ 24 hours a day, and the first task to get a computer was to log on QQ. < / P > < p > at that time, the upgrade of QQ account level would make users have a lot of face. Many people would think that the level was also a symbol of identity. The higher the account level, the more face there would be, and it was also a capital to boast about with friends around. However, in addition, many functions of QQ and level binding also prompted users to like hanging QQ. For example, group building function, account changing avatar and so on are linked to the level. But with the introduction of a series of membership system, basically as long as the purchase of members can basically use all functions. Obviously, the online membership system is also the beginning of QQ profit. < / P > < p > because users are generally willing to pay for this, many similar member payments have been launched successively, such as red diamond and pink diamond. In fact, in addition to the above mentioned, upgrading QQ level can also make profits. It is reported that at that time, high-level accounts were auctioned at the highest price of tens of thousands of yuan. It is worth mentioning that in the environment at that time, tens of thousands of yuan have already been compared with hundreds of thousands today. It can be imagined why QQ makes people so obsessed. However, with the passage of time, the first batch of QQ users have already established their families and businesses, so gradually some QQ began to be abandoned. After all, in the eyes of adults, the fancy functions of QQ can not meet the needs. On the contrary, the simple style of wechat has become popular among users. Many people also regard wechat as an important social tool. With the improvement of its functions, wechat has gradually become a necessary application, because it meets users’ social, consumption, travel and other needs. Believe that Ma Huateng himself also do not understand, why more and more people will give up QQ? No longer cherish account level. < / P > < p > in my opinion, QQ itself has not done anything wrong, it still keeps its original appearance, has many interesting functions, but is no longer liked by users. So gradually abandoned by users, and even some people have no longer installed QQ software, and the initial situation of staying up late to steal vegetables has been very difficult to see. Although wechat, which has more than one billion users, has played an important role. Recently, it has also been troubled. Trump asked to ban wechat and at the same time asked us enterprises to stop cooperating with it. < / P > < p > in fact, Trump’s move is a double whammy, because banning wechat will directly affect iPhone sales. Once you choose one from wechat or iPhone, many Chinese will choose the former. After all, wechat is hard to find a substitute. But then again, why did you give up QQ? Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine