Ma Yun is right? “Wangpu rental” everywhere, physical stores sad! Another prediction is quietly coming true

When the “stall economy” is booming this year, many entity owners are worried about “whether the business will become bad”. Because of the legalization of street stalls, the number of people who set up stalls on the road has increased significantly, which is bound to divert customers from physical stores, which makes many physical stores that are not operating smoothly once again feel a deep “threat”. < / P > < p > in fact, in the face of this problem, some people have different views. Many people think that the fire of “stall economy” will not affect the business of physical stores. On the contrary, more people are willing to go out of their homes because of the “stall economy”, which may promote the business of physical stores to a certain extent! The “natural enemy” of physical stores is still e-commerce. < / P > < p > nowadays, more and more physical shopkeepers complain that “business is not easy to do”, especially in the “post epidemic era”, the entity shopkeepers who have been “battered to pieces” by the epidemic are also faced with the dilemma of “Chinese people do not take the initiative to consume”, and a “promotion of the stall economy” has destroyed the confidence of the real shop owners. In this way, the development of physical stores is not very smooth. < p > < p > in fact, in the face of the decline of “three generations supported by one shop”, many people think it is “Ma Yun’s fault”. Because of the rise of e-commerce, Chinese people are more willing to “online shopping”, and few people are willing to go shopping in physical stores. Therefore, thousands of mistakes, and finally “Ma Yun’s fault”. As one of the “most successful” entrepreneurs in China, Alibaba created by Ma Yun has brought China into the “e-commerce era”, which not only promotes the social development of China, but also squeezes the living space of many physical retailing to a certain extent. In the face of such a situation, in fact, Ma Yun has long predicted: “half of the physical stores will close down in the future.”. < / P > < p > for this reason, Ma Yun has become the culprit of “physical store closing down”, and Ma Yun is also bearing a lot of notoriety. And Huang Jianping, chairman of Marco Polo ceramic tiles, said frankly: “the real economy is not easy to do, Ma Yun has’ credit ‘!”. In fact, Ma Yun’s statement that “half of the physical stores will close down” has a basis. Ma Yunyan’s idea is that traditional physical stores that don’t know how to cooperate with e-commerce will usher in a “tide of bankruptcy”. If, in the context of the continuous development of the Internet era, the physical stores still adhere to the established rules and do not know how to progress and develop, they will be “eliminated” by the market. < / P > < p > it has to be said that Ma Yun’s “prediction” is indeed quite accurate. As the largest category of tmall, this type of offline stores are most affected. Since the beginning of the past few years, domestic clothing brands have been “thundering” frequently. Once hot in the market, “Daphne”, “JeansWest” and “Jordan Nuo” have also begun to close their stores, and the “shop for rent” notice is everywhere. < / P > < p > in addition, when daily necessities can be purchased online, department stores also begin to collapse. Among them, Wal Mart, an American department store giant, has opened its “store closing mode” in China. < p > < p > with the progress of the times, the decline of physical stores is an “inevitable” event in Ma Yun’s eyes. And will e-commerce really dominate the market all the time? Ma Yun said: “new retail has come, traditional e-commerce will be replaced!”. In today’s era of big data and artificial intelligence, Ma Yun thinks that traditional e-commerce will eventually lag behind, and the future will be the world of “new retail”. And “HEMA Xiansheng” is Ma Yun’s first step in the “new retail” market. In addition, the emergence of platforms such as meituan shopping, daily excellent fresh food, and dingdong shopping all testify to Ma Yun’s “prediction”. < / P > < p > in the future, the e-commerce platform will disappear, and the combination of online and offline and logistics will generate new retail. The layout of Ali’s “new retail” has been opened for a long time. < / P > < p > according to the data of China Business Intelligence Bureau, with the cultivation of user habits and the innovation of new retail mode, the growth potential of this industry is huge in the future, and the whole market scale is expected to exceed 180 billion yuan in 2022! < / P > < p > since traditional physical stores are unwilling to change, they can only “force” them to transform under the progress of the times. In fact, Ma Yun is right. Without him, there will be others. Therefore, it is better to complain about the development of the real estate rather than to go down with the times. Logically speaking, we should thank Ma Yun instead of blaming him. What do you think? Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list