MacOS experience: what makes MacBook so different

I remember that from the first day of the iPhone’s birth, it was aimed at mobile phones that children and old people can use. During the development of MacOS for so many years, it has been several years since OS X was renamed MacOS. Nowadays, MacOS is on a road of integration with ipados and IOS. More and more, I see that this kind of system is more close to the user’s habits, with a more easy-to-use perspective, and the concept of professional in simplicity to develop its own system. < / P > < p > today’s MacOS. It is no longer a business person, not a designer or a photographer’s exclusive. It can be used when children are in school to open their papers and hand in their homework; it can also be the physical and mental pleasure brought by good acoustics when they are worried about things; it can even be truetone when working overtime at night Bring accurate color, no matter how tired, can accurately draw the colorful black required by Party A. Today’s MAC and Mac OS have already left Starbucks and settled in ordinary people’s homes. < / P > < p > this time, I received a MacBook Air, which is the successor of the MBA that we often call MBA. I don’t know how many people were shocked at that time. < / P > < p >} in the extremely thin fuselage, two thunder chopping three interfaces are inserted into it. The workmanship is the same as Apple style. On the other side of the fuselage, it is the audio interface completely abandoned on the iPhone. Sometimes I miss these old interfaces. Fortunately, MBA keeps it. In the market notebook, the next generation apple is the only one that surpasses apple in workmanship. < / P > < p >} in the thin fuselage, the touch panel still occupies a huge volume. Similar to the linear motor used in the whole series of iPhones after the iPhone 6S, it is only a super enlarged version, which is also the ultimate simulation of the real experience. The most basic user groups are those who only use to listen to songs, browse the web pages and write words. These people have become the mainstream group of Mac users more and more. Their need, perhaps, is to be able to type and make forms at work. Occasionally rowing crowd, close the cover to go home, open the cover can immediately seamless connection of the crowd, this is the most comfortable place of MAC, cleverly captured their heart. Maybe win has done well, but there is still a gap. < / P > < p >} do PPT and forms for documents. Apple has prepared Iwork sets of pages, numbers and keynote for you. The third-party software has WPS for free, and the paid office can be used for cross platform collaboration. < / P > < p >} the safari that comes with may still have some imperfections in the experience, and the icon of the new webpage is too small. However, what we can see on the latest MacOS Big Sur is that the icon “Touch” has become the best browser in my mind. It has become the best browser in my mind, with the addition of more plug-ins, deeper improvement, expansibility and personal privacy. < / P > < p > airdrop and handoff, which are collaborative applications with iPhone, can copy a paragraph from a mobile phone and paste it directly on the computer. The function is easy to use and explode. The cost of learning is almost zero. Mac is relying on details to capture more and more users’ hearts. < p > < p >} entertainment oriented Apple Music and learning oriented podcasts are gaining users’ hearts with content. (2) between professional users and light office users, there are more users who need to repair pictures, cut videos, and play a piece of music to record their lives, rather than as eating skills. Life is more or less ritualistic. The “photo” application provided by Catalina is also the most simple and convenient map revision software on MacOS platform, with abundant functions. As an application of browsing and editing, although its main function is to browse pictures, its function of modifying pictures has become so powerful that most photos no longer need the help of LR and PS. For audio editing users, the library band has more intuitive mixed audio interface and more diversified sound source selection. It can achieve very good mixing effect without the help of professional software such as logic Pro X. This for the music creation hobby group, reduces the threshold at the same time, but also more interesting. < / P > < p >} iMovie is more widely applicable. There is a wide range of iMovie users in station B, with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Compared with the versions used by iPad and iPhone, MAC is more powerful with the help of keyboard shortcut keys. For light editing users, maybe you don’t need final cut pro at all. You just want to pay 1998 yuan to buy a “professional” psychological comfort. In my opinion, iMovie is enough to satisfy most users. Professional users come from all walks of life. They rely on their own skills to feed themselves and their families with the productivity created by MAC. < / P > < p >} for editors, photographers, DJs and other groups, apple not only has killer level applications such as logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro, but also has deeper coding formats such as prores raw. < / P > < p > we’ve heard many amazing stories about the smooth preview of 8 4K 60fps on Mac. Maybe you will not be surprised why it is still so smooth if you give you another 8 pieces of materials. God optimization is the inherent bottom advantage of MAC. We don’t know how much we have to pay for it. We should make good use of the magic weapon that professionals play for professionals. < / P > < p > as a swift teaching application, it has a lot of programming visualization tutorials. It is game oriented and guides children to adapt to the thinking of programming more. Xcode, as a necessary programming software for IOS developers, has always been one of the sources of IOS’s strong vitality. More visual interface, improve the efficiency of programmer professional group. < / P > < p > of course, Xcode is not the only software to write code, but also more than swift. More ide such as Microsoft’s vs has always provided strong support. After all, Microsoft always likes to make a wedding dress for other families and give their own family a machete. < / P > < p >} if you are a design type social animal, Adobe should be conscious. A family just needs to be neat. Because of the long-term cooperation between adobe and apple, the optimization starts from the bottom. For most MAC models with only 8GB of memory, Adobe and Mac can cope with the smooth preview of basic applications. < / P > < p > more professional applications, such as Maya, MATLAB and C4d, are not limited to this. They have more space on this open platform. It is not known whether ipados in the future can also run them. But I chose to believe there would be. < / P > < p > a few years ago, Siri has always been a well-known artificial mental retardation. Now Siri, in addition to being more intelligent, can run more locally, especially the latest Big Sur system. In addition, because the MAC uses multiple radio mics, the actual wake-up success rate is higher than that of mobile phones. I said, “Hey, Siri, turn off the lights.” Philips hue has it. < / P > < p > over the years, MacOS has been praised for the ease of operation of shortcut keys and touch boards. Although it requires a certain learning cost, the cost has been paid, and the satisfaction brought by efficiency improvement has been obtained. Most of my shortcut keys are from Mac. I can get used to it by replacing win, win and command. The immersive experience that shortcut keys can bring, and the high efficiency with touch panel, Apple’s products have always been expensive, but they are really fragrant to use. The smart keyboard of iPad is a typical case. < / P > < p > in fact, icloud has always been a neglected killer application. Because it is too integrated into this ecosystem, most people will ignore its existence, whether it’s a new Mac or an iPhone, icloud It can be the first time to connect it with your previous mobile phone seamlessly, without any adaptation period, leading to the majority of people have ignored its power. < / P > < p > what we have to say is the privacy protection of the Mac. Because of its own T2 chip, the hardware level is isolated from recording after closing the cover, so as to prevent eavesdropping; when the camera is turned on, the green indicator light will be on at the same time; the SSD is bound T2, which eliminates the possibility of replacement, is mixed. In today’s increasingly integrated mobile phone and computer motherboard, we also hope that consumers can have more choices. < / P > < p > another point is that the MacBook series, as a portable notebook, has its own audio, which can be said to be the first step in mainstream notebook computers. The happiness brought by the improvement of video and audio is also the source of user loyalty. < / P > < p > some people may say that there are no games on MacOS. Indeed, the lack of 3A major works and the lack of online games will restrict some users from entering MacOS, and there are even a few who buy back to install win to play games. Apple is not without consideration in this regard. As the successor of Catalina, Big Sur’s catalyst function will promote more excellent works on IOS platform to MacOS. < / P > < p > a complete system, I even introduced less than one thousandth of it. I don’t know how much efforts the developers have made behind, just for a perfect connection and a better ecosystem. < / P > < p > as Apple’s most revolutionary system for decades, the revolution is not reflected in a single system, but in the combination of software and hardware. For Mac with arm architecture, I don’t know how many people are looking forward to it. < / P > < p >} Apple’s taskbar has always been known for its simplicity and efficiency. The task bar with such a large spacing and the wide progress bar style adjustment box seem to point to – the future Mac, perhaps adding finger operation, long pressing the secondary menu, and so on..

, in addition to many people make complaints about the battery icon, Mac’s Big Sur series of dynamic wallpaper on the desktop is amazing. < / P > < p >} the biggest improvement comes from safari. On the basis of being close to iPad Safari, the buttons add powerful privacy protection, plug-in support, and can change the background and hover preview. The aesthetics and practicability are more unique. On the new version of safari, I also see the possibility of adding gesture operation in the future. < / P > < p > MacOS Big Sur system itself is a system for the next decade, which supports arm instruction set. Especially today, who can imagine that the world’s first truly unified system will be made by apple when we see the native running IOS program released by weibox developers. < / P > < p > and imagine that one day in the future, when you brush BiliBili with a Mac, you can get up and pick up your mobile phone, and the mobile phone will continue the content just now; the PS on the iPad will edit a photo, and the computer will follow the layer you have edited; if you play king on the mobile phone, the process will continue on the computer… < A href= target=_ blank>Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate rese