MacOS makes your computer no longer a computer

Since 1973, the graphic operating system has been developed for nearly 50 years. Countless systems have been eliminated in the past 50 years. The operating system that can go all the way to the present must have its own unique features. After using MacOS, you can feel the fluent experience that Apple operating system brings to people. When you are familiar with the logic of the system, it seems that all operations are like flowing water. You don’t need to think much, and you can make correct feedback only by intuition. This is also one of the advantages of Mac OS that users have to admire. < / P > < p > this crowd test is the first time I really use MacOS by hand. The last time I used MacOS was to help female students install windows. To tell you the truth, all kinds of maladjustment in that use process really made me feel very uncomfortable, because the operation logic of the whole system is too different from that of windows. However, after deep experience, I found that the difficulty of Mac OS is far lower than that of windows. For most people, the real threshold is to use windows for a long time Only when you lose these habits can you really realize the power of Mac OS. This article will focus on the introduction of MacOS, and through the comparison of windows to let the users who have the desire to buy MAC but are hesitant because they have never used MacOS have a preliminary understanding of this system, so that people who are not interested in MacOS can feel the uniqueness of MacOS. < / P > < p > after the MAC is turned on, boot into the desktop. Seeing this simple desktop will make everyone who sees him for the first time realize that this is not windows, but MacOS. Desktop can be said to be the soul of a system, because all our operations will start from the desktop, so understanding the desktop design of a system is the first and most important step for us to understand the operation logic of the whole system. < p > < p > > it’s very convenient to find the settings of the current software without using the software settings here. < / P > < p > ⑤ when there is music playing in the background, the lyrics will be displayed here. At the same time, you can quickly control the music playing here. Of course, there are similar shortcut keys on the touch bar. < / P > < p > compared with the taskbar of windows, the menu bar of MacOS is more similar to the status bar of mobile phone. It gives the software switching function of windows taskbar to the dock and shortcut gesture, and focuses on the display of the current state and provides more shortcut operations. < / P > < p > the desktop of MacOS is very different from that of windows in function. In windows, the desktop is often used to store the shortcut of application programs. However, MacOS classifies all the startup methods of programs into the startup platform, and only part of the applications on the desktop are kept in the dock. Different people have different opinions on which of the two ways is more convenient. For my users who need to install a lot of software, this storage method is not very convenient. < / P > < p > this can be the most distinctive feature of MacOS desktop compared with Windows desktop. The whole dock is divided into three parts: < / P > < p > ③ when the program is minimized, it will be put into this area. At the same time, there are two fixed icons “download” and “wastebasket” in this area. The function of download is similar to the download management of browser, and wastebasket is similar to the recycle bin of windows. < / P > < p > this is the most difficult thing for me to accept when I started MacOS at the latest. After getting used to windows where all windows will be displayed on the taskbar, I often can’t find any windows to run there. In fact, MacOS uses a more convenient way to deal with the problem of multiple windows. It only needs to slide four directions up on the touchpad to open the dispatching center to switch windows. This kind of switching mode, similar to the background interface of mobile devices, will be more intuitive and efficient than the traditional taskbar. < / P > < p > compared with windows, the process of installing and uninstalling Mac OS software can be described as rolling. You can download almost all commonly used software in your own app store. Here’s a tip. When you install software for Mac for the first time, you can open the list of free software and easily find common software. < / P > < p > some software may be available in Mac version, but they are not available in app store. We can download the suffix. DMG on the official website We just need to double-click to open the installation file, and then drag the software on the left side of the window to the right side to complete the installation, and we don’t need to worry about such rogue behavior as bundling junk software or modifying the home page at all, which is a great blessing for Xiaobai. < / P > < p > similarly, when you uninstall software, you don’t have to worry about being confused by all kinds of confusing “uninstall” buttons. Here I give you a most versatile method to uninstall: < / P > < p > because MacOS is a UNIX like system, it is logical that MacOS inherits the file logic of UNIX system. This also makes many users who contact MacOS for the first time confused. In windows, users often divide all kinds of files and software directories by partition, but it is not the same on Mac OS. The whole storage space is regarded as a whole. All system files and user files are stored in different subdirectories under the root directory. < / P > < p > the file manager of MacOS is called visit, and the logo is a smiling face composed of blue and white. < / P > < p > is not very different from windows file manager in use. The only thing to note is that the names of some operations are easy to be misunderstood: < / P > < p > in addition to MacOS There is also a tag function. Many online tutorials recommend using tags instead of folder classification to manage files. However, according to my own experience, I also consulted several long-term users of MacOS I think the main problem is that I can’t select multiple tags to accurately locate a file at the same time. Of course, it may be that I didn’t find this function. But marking some files in use by tags can greatly improve work efficiency. For example, when I write this article, I can add a unified tag for the materials in different locations. In the future, I can summarize these files together and make various modifications to these files, which will not damage the original file structure. < / P > < p > after adding the tag, you only need to select the corresponding tag on the left side of the visit to display all the files or folders with the tag. < / P > < p > after listening to countless MacOS After Amway users, I have been very interested in this system, but the price of apple computer has not met my expectations. Here I would like to thank apple and it home for providing this opportunity to experience. As a person who loves tossing electronic devices, I was really excited when I started. After the experience, this system really lived up to my expectations. The whole department The design of the system is really amazing, but unfortunately, the MacBook Pro will be recycled after the experience. < MACP > > it’s not just a bad habit for users to learn how to operate a new Mac OS, but also a bad habit for you to learn how to operate a new Mac OS for the first time. Learning as a new device, MacOS will bring you an unparalleled new experience after you are completely familiar with its operation logic. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer