Made in China changed to made in India, Apple’s iPhone production line has been transferred to reduce its dependence on China!

Recently, Ravi Sankar Prasad, Minister of communication technology of India, told the media that the iPhone 11 commissioned by apple to be assembled by Hon Hai has started to be put into production in the factory in Chennai, India, and has become one of the high-end mobile phone products assembled and produced in India.

prior to this, Apple has assembled and produced iPhone XR and iPhone 7 in India. The iPhone XR is assembled by Hon Hai, while the iPhone 7 is assembled by Weichuang. Before that, apple assembled and produced the first generation of iPhone Se and iPhone 6S in India.

Apple has been moving its production line out of China a long time ago, and gradually transferring part of its iPhone production line to India, in an effort to reduce the proportion of production line resources in China. It is reported that Apple will be able to save up to 22% import tax in India by producing and selling products in the region.

as the proportion of production in India continues to expand, the market expects that Apple will change from “made in China” to “made in India”. At the same time, it is expected that Apple will have more high-end mobile phone products which will be assembled and produced in India.

at present, India has become the second largest market for smart phones after China. In addition to Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo, Yijia, oppo, realme and other Chinese brands continue to distribute in the Indian market, Apple has actively expanded its development in the Indian market, even opened direct stores in India, and moved some mobile phone production lines to India.

in addition to moving mobile phone production lines out of China, Apple has also begun to assemble airpods in Vietnam, hoping to reduce its dependence on China’s production line resources.

Author: zmhuaxia