Made in China: Mini PC for engineers, 7 inches in size, screen can rotate

No. 1 could have been said to be a “clean stream” among domestic notebook brands, because the series of laptops launched by this brand are all mini portable models, among which the mini notebook with the largest screen is only 8.4 inches, which is not the same market occupied by those large screen laptops. < p > < p > however, the types of mini notebooks introduced by No. 1 book are a little single, and the target users are mainly “office workers”. For example, the model in the picture in this paper is No. 1 1s +, which is a 7-inch mini portable notebook designed for office workers. < / P > < p > therefore, in order to break this deadlock and develop more user groups, No.1 notebook has also started to launch different types of mini notebooks. If anyone pays attention to this brand, they should know that they have recently launched a mini game book with core i5: onegx1. < / P > < p > and not long after the launch of onegx1, the No.1 edition announced a new model: No.1 engineer PC. at the same time, it is not difficult to see which user groups this new model is facing from the three words “engineer”. < / P > < p > as can be seen from the poster picture on the screen above, the biggest highlight of No.1 Engineer PC is the use of a three-dimensional rotatable touch screen, which can rotate 180 ° when the screen is upright. However, the mini notebook introduced by No.1 in the past, such as the No.1 1s + shown in this article, can only flip the fixed position. < / P > < p > as a mini notebook designed for engineers, it is also considered that various devices will be connected to the site for debugging. Therefore, engineer No.1 PC has paid a lot of attention to the interface design. The fuselage is equipped with one RS-232 serial port, one micro HDMI interface and two USB ports 3.0 interface, a RJ45 gigabit network port, etc. at the same time, the No.1 Engineer PC is also the model with the most interfaces at present. However, because the No.1 Engineer PC is currently in the internal testing stage, and the official is also recruiting internal testers, more design and parameters of the No.1 Engineer PC have not been officially announced. The only thing we know is that the screen parameters are 7 inches, the resolution is 1920 * 1200, and the screen supports touch and handwriting. As for the processor and storage, I don’t know. < p > < p > finally, I would like to ask you a question: do you think there will be a market for this kind of mini notebook for engineers launched by book one? How much price will you pay for it? Welcome to share your views. Skip to content