Magic claw mini-p evaluation, a versatile vlog crossover expert

This is a fast-paced era, vlog is more and more popular, and vlog shooting focuses on efficiency and stability, that is, fast and stable, so how to choose vlog equipment?

we found that with the popularity of vlog, the major camera manufacturers have launched a number of micro single flagship, with smaller size and more powerful functions. Mobile phone manufacturers have also shifted their focus to camera, competing in vlog shooting, various video anti shake functions and shooting patterns emerge in endlessly.

today, I’d like to share with you a mini-p, which is foldable, portable and compatible with mobile phones, micro single devices, motion cameras and other devices. One device can handle the cross-border experts of multi device vlog shooting, and can also adapt to the needs of outdoor shooting. The

Talon has prepared a pure black matching suitcase for Mini-P, with foam material, portable leather handle and comfortable handle. There is a paper display card on the outside of the packing box, and the magic claw mini-p unfolding is drawn on both sides of the box, and the color picture and product logo in the folded state are drawn on the front and back sides, so as to directly show the shape of mini-p products to users. The side of the box adopts a simple clasp lock, which can be quickly unlocked by pressing up gently.

after unpacking, it is the stabilizer host and product accessories. The holes at the bottom correspond precisely, and the storage is easy and intimate. Matte black color stabilizer gives me a good first impression, atmosphere has texture.

the L-shaped quick loading board with rich accessories and exquisite workmanship supports the horizontal and vertical installation and fast switching of the camera. Meanwhile, the same matte black color matching is adopted to increase the harmonious aesthetic feeling of the whole machine. In addition, mobile phone clip, tripod, camera control cable, type-C power cord and product instruction manual are also available.

magic claw mini-p can be folded and unfolded in two forms. When the product is taken out, the initial state is folded. The overall size of the body is 198 * 166 * 102mm, which is only a little larger than the canned coke. It can be easily put into the backpack and can be carried with you when traveling.

on the left side of the handle are the sliding lock button, power button and type-C charging port of magic claw mini-p, which are arranged from top to bottom.

at the same time, the deployment diagram is attached: gently move the lock button and hold the pan tilt, and rotate it 180 degrees anticlockwise to quickly deploy the stabilizer. Novice Xiaobai can also use it quickly.

this is the shape of the stabilizer after it is fully deployed, with a size of 305 * 165 * 51mm. Of course, its biggest advantage is its ultra wide load-bearing range, which can bear 130-900 grams of weight. The mainstream sports cameras, micro single devices and mobile phone devices in the market can be directly installed and leveled. While the traditional stabilizer needs to be equipped with additional load-bearing plates when installing heavy-weight sports cameras, the magic claw mini-p has the following advantages Convenient and efficient.

it adopts three-axis stable design, with 330 ° pitch axis, 330 ° transverse roll shaft and 360 ° heading axis, and all of them are equipped with lock catch, so the fixed equipment will not rotate or slide down at will during the transition, which is intimate and practical. Of course, the limited lock of three-axis should be released first when using, which is more convenient for cloud platform deployment.

the roll with oblique angle design will not block the line of sight on the screen when taking pictures. It is convenient for both mobile phones and cameras to take pictures, which is also a highlight of magic claw mini-p.

in addition, mini-p adopts a unique L-shaped quick loading board, which can quickly switch between the horizontal and vertical modes, and is very friendly to the little sister and brother who likes to take selfies. The quick loading board is narrow, and the width of the bayonet is not compatible with most of the photographic fast loading boards on the market. It is a special fast loading board for mini-p. we should pay attention to this point.

the overall PTZ body design is simple and smooth, with clear division of key area, charging port and bottom card slot, especially the handle key area, which is an important part of PTZ. The board computer key, power button, rocker key, camera menu key and focustw key are reasonably arranged from top to bottom. It is full of humanization. The gray color matching and pure black body complement each other, which makes it more conspicuous and convenient to operate After that, we will explain the control in detail.

the magic claw mini-p pan tilt also adopts a 1 / 4-inch expansion hole at the bottom to support the installation of a tripod base or mobile phone bracket. At the same time, the tripod can also extend the arm, making it easier to hold.

support camera, micro single and mobile phone to shoot. Install the device on the L-type quick loading board for quick leveling operation.

at the bottom is the magic claw mini-p leveling steps carefully arranged by taking the mobile phone in hand as an example. It is OK to follow the operation, and it can quickly level the equipment without manual when going out.

D. finally, the stabilizer will be placed horizontally, that is, the heading axis is parallel to the ground, and the course arm is adjusted to the level from left to right, so that the mobile phone can be quickly adjusted to a balanced state.

this is the effect picture of the magic claw mini-p carrying Xiaomi mobile phone. It is stable and coordinated as a whole. It is very easy to record or shoot, and it is also stable when moving the mirror.

let’s learn more about the function and control part of this stabilizer.

we also need to pay attention to: before opening the PTZ, install the equipment, level it in place, and ensure that each rotating shaft has been unlocked, otherwise the PTZ will enter the standby state and cannot be started normally.

the power control key is set to red, which is very eye-catching. Long press can quickly turn on and off the stabilizer. The front function key area is equipped with directional remote sensing. The sliding rheostat mode is used to change the shooting direction by using the fluctuation amplitude. The faster the speed, the greater the direction change. There are four function buttons at the bottom, which are circular distribution, comfortable and sensitive to press.

there are led power indicator light and status light under the handle function key. The blue light is always on, the power is sufficient, and the fast lightning amount is 20%. At the same time, the clear light flashes, the stabilizer is dormant, and the red light is always on, which is in the charging state, which is full of humanization. But the only thing that makes people feel sorry is that the brightness of the indicator light is too low, and the indoor environment is fine, but it is more fuzzy in the sunlight, which needs to be improved.

Finally, there are the w-t key on the right side of the handle and the trigger key. The former is used for focusing adjustment during camera shooting. The T key zoom is pulled closer, and the W key zoom is pushed far. Double click to open the automatic constant speed zoom mode.

the trigger key still adopts the operation logic commonly used by magic claw. Double click to return to the center, click auto focus, triple click self timer switch, double-click and hold to switch to full lock follow.

the overall operation of camera makers who are familiar with PTZ is still a good one. However, it has to be admitted that Meng Xin, who has just started, may be entangled and needs more energy and time to learn to be familiar with the operation. Therefore, it is also suggested that businesses can print simple illustrations in the control area so that novices can memorize the control logic.

besides key control, magic claw mini-p also supports mobile phone app shooting, and adapts to different apps according to the device model. At the same time, the function experience and method are also different.

moza master app is specially designed for mini-p PTZ to control the stable operation of PTZ. It is compatible with most cameras or micro single products on the market.

after successful Bluetooth connection, directly jump to the main app interface: PTZ setting, remote control, creative film and television, calibration, balance check, product information and other six functions are arranged in turn, giving a simple and refreshing interface experience.

take Sony camera as an example. In the remote control interface, two small red dots on the screen can be used to control and adjust the direction and balance of the camera. In addition, by gently touching the dot on the screen, you can quickly set the speed, sense control, fast return, and switch between self recording and other functions.

not only that, but also the camera cable can be used to connect with the stabilizer. At this time, the stabilizer control is more sensitive without delay, which further reduces the learning cost of camera control and makes the control more simple and efficient.

as for the function of creative film and television, it includes five common camera functions, such as track recording, variable speed delay, fixed-point delay, moving delay and target tracking, to help users easily shoot texture movies.

in the later practical experience, the interface control of moza master app is much easier than that of traditional buttons. The functions are clear at a glance, and there is no need to worry about the signs of error and confusion. It is suitable for photography like me. Of course, there is a small regret in the aspect of somatosensory remote control. The control is too sensitive. It is very difficult for the author to stably control the PTZ at the beginning of the experience, and it is difficult to cancel the operation once it starts. I have to disconnect and re connect the control. I hope the app can further optimize this aspect.

Nowadays, mobile phones have gradually become the first choice for most vloger adults to shoot videos because of their lightweight portability and the vigorous upgrading of camera systems. Meanwhile, the magic claw mini-p is also compatible with mainstream mobile devices, and has customized its own app-moza genie to give users a more intimate cloud platform experience. When you go out to shoot in the future, a mobile phone and the magic claw mini-p can hold it.

after downloading moza Genie app, make sure the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on. After that, press and hold the power on button of PTZ to start the machine. Search and select the device mini-p to quickly complete the adaptation. The whole process is extremely simple, and the skill is completed in 3-5 seconds.

the main interface of moza Genie impresses me very well. The material library, Bluetooth, recording keys, lens switching and function selection buttons are arranged horizontally at the bottom of the interface. The function layout is simple and clear, and it is more convenient and portable.

turntable function selection menu setting is simpler and easier, and can quickly complete the parameter, flash, playback, level, resolution, anti shake, professional mode, grid, live broadcast, focus, Bluetooth microphone and other functions. These functions are still very professional and complete, enough to meet the daily needs of most users.

in the shooting interface, we can also choose different shooting modes such as photographing, video, delayed shooting or slow motion according to needs, which gives users more freedom to choose. In addition, the author has not encountered too many problems in the actual experience. The shooting and recording of video are very clear and stable, and there is no dragging problem. Even in the aspect of image quality that users are most worried about, there are also optimization and improvement There are a variety of high-definition image quality options when the film output, giving users the video quality comparable to micro single.

in my personal experience, it is very labor-saving to shoot with the magic claw moza Genie and moza maste. Whether it’s a micro single, a sports camera or a mobile phone, you can shoot more creative video patterns, which is very suitable for novices to learn and master PTZ. Of course, there are also some regrets. For example, the slow motion of moza genie is not smooth and the remote control of moza maste is easy to get out of control. It is hoped that the manufacturer can use firmware upgrade to improve and optimize in the future.

of course, the most important thing for a stabilizer is the actual shooting experience. Otherwise, no one will pay for the extravagant functions. What about the performance of this mini-p, which focuses on cross-border PTZ? Today, through the actual shooting of the magic claw mini-p multi-function detailed interpretation.

through the above course following shooting, we can see that in the course following and then full locking mode, the claw lateral axis and roll axis return very quickly. Even if accidental touch occurs, the overall balance is guaranteed, and the video image will not collapse. In addition, attention should be paid to the control force. If the control force is too large, the heading axis and roll shaft will sometimes rotate to the front of the camera, which will affect the shooting.

in short, the mini-p three-axis balance design is quite in place. Even if the stabilizer handle is shaken irregularly, the mobile phone can still keep shooting smoothly.