Make complaints about iPhone12 series! Mate40 series shock release, top processor + top camera

After the launch of the iPhone 12 series, the overwhelming heat followed, and the new iPhone no longer comes with a charging head and headset, and has become a well-known slot. However, the huge attraction represented by Apple itself can not be stopped. Although “Wang Shouyi said thirteen fragrance”, some channels still need to increase the price to obtain. < p > < p > in the latest news on October 22, Huawei terminal official announced that the global launch conference of mate40 series at 20:00 this evening will be shared with us through online live broadcast. This flagship conference will not only include mate40 mobile phone, but also Huawei headset and smart speaker. < / P > < p > the most important point is the appearance of Kirin 9000 processor, which is a mobile phone chip with TSMC’s 5nm top process technology. Due to a series of unfair measures taken by the United States against Huawei, the cooperation plan that could have been successfully completed was cut off. < p > < p > the Kirin 9000 chip is the crystallization of accelerating production. Although Huawei and various suppliers have worked together to produce tens of millions of chips for the market before the US ban is completely blocked, it is certainly not enough for a mobile phone manufacturer of the same size as Huawei. < p > < p > but let’s leave these objective questions aside for the moment and take a look at this chip and the mate40 series tonight. Therefore, we have collected all the latest news to help you understand Huawei’s annual heavyweight flagship more deeply. < / P > < p > compared with mate40, the 5nm Kirin chip seems to attract the same attention. However, the official said that this processor is Huawei’s most advanced mobile terminal chip, and is the world’s first 5nm chip to integrate 5g baseband, which is more power-saving and has unprecedented performance. < / P > < p > this time, the Kirin 9000 flagship chip benefits from the advanced 5nm process technology, which is very large compared with the previous generation of Kirin 9905g. Although the core architecture still adopts the old version of a77 + A55, the main frequency of the ultra-high performance core reaches 3.13ghz, which is enough to meet the needs of high load with three 2.54ghz performance cores. Meanwhile, in order to save power and save energy, Kirin 9000 is supplemented with four 2.04ghz small cores to cope with daily ordinary scenes. < p > < p > the CPU’s single core running score is 1016 points, multi-core running score is 3688 points, and the graphics performance is equipped with 24 core full blood version of mali-g78 GPU. In terms of AI, it integrates NPU with two large cores and one micronucleus, with 100% performance improvement, and four core ISPs. According to Yu Chengdong, the cost of Kirin 9000 is between Apple A14 and apple ARM CPU. The chip size of Kirin 9000 is larger than that of A14 without integrated baseband. It has 15.3 billion transistors. In terms of heat dissipation and some complex scenarios, its theoretical capability is also stronger than that of Apple A14. < / P > < p > the mate40 series released this time contains four models, namely mate 40, mate 40 pro, mate 40 PRO + and mate 40 rs. the positioning is from low to high, and the corresponding shape is also different. < p > < p > Huawei mate40 series continues mate’s symmetrical central axis design all the time. The “star ring design” with a strong sense of future is launched this time, just like crossing the star gate to explore the beauty of the future. Its unique style can be identified at a glance. < p > < p > the front of Huawei mate40 series adopts the current flagship popular curved screen design, combined with 90hz high refresh rate screen, to achieve the balance of battery life and pleasant experience. 240Hz touch sampling rate gives the screen faster response speed. < p > < p > in size, the mate40 is equipped with a 6.5-inch curved screen with a hole in the upper left corner of the screen to place the front single camera, while the mate 40 pro, mate 40 PRO + and mate 40 The front screen of the 76.76 Pro is equipped with a two inch hidden front screen, which is designed to cover the front of the front screen of the rs. it is equipped with a two hole front screen, which is larger than that of the front screen. < / P > < p > if there is no big difference between the front four models, then the back is the most obvious difference. It is learned that mate 40, mate 40 pro and mate 40 PRO + will continue the classic “Oreo” rear lens modeling, but they are different, while the mate40 RS Porsche design has its own “palace lamp octagonal window”. < p > < p > Huawei mate40 and Huawei mate40 Pro adopt five colors, namely bright black, glaze white, secret silver, green and yellow, which can make you feel excited from vision to touch. Huawei mate40 PRO + also introduces two new materials, ceramic black and ceramic white. < / P > < p > in addition to the appearance, the configuration of mate40 series is also concerned by users. As Huawei mobile phone this year, it is also the most important flagship in the domestic smartphone market. Naturally, the parameters are not ambiguous. For example, Huawei mate40 series supports 66W wired fast charging, and Pro Series supports 50W wireless charging. The built-in memory of mate40 series is 8GB lpddr5, up to 12gb. Meanwhile, the battery capacity is 4200mah for mate40 and 4400mAh for the other three models. Meanwhile, all new models are equipped with stereo dual speakers and support NFC. However, the speaker and motor of the more advanced models are different from those of the latter three models. < p > < p > mate40 Pro is equipped with a rear Leica four camera system, including 50 megapixel main camera, 20 million pixel super wide angle lens, 12 million pixel long focus lens and laser focusing lens. Through the periscope optical zoom structure, it can realize 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, 50x digital zoom, and support 8K video recording. < / P > < p > mate40 Pro is upgraded to a rear Leica five camera system. The main camera and ultra wide angle lens remain unchanged, and the long focus lens becomes two, each with 8 million pixels. One of them is a multi reflection periscope structure, which supports 3x and 10x Optical Zoom, 20x hybrid zoom, 100x binocular digital zoom, and a 3D TOF lens. < / P > < p > at the same time, DxOMark also updated the ranking of mobile phone images. In the post photo taking, mate 40 Pro scored 140 points for taking photos, 88 points for zoom, and 116 points for video. The total score was 136 points, ranking first. < / P > < p > according to the European price of Huawei mate40, the starting price of mate40 is 899 euro, and the starting price of mate40 PRO + is 1199 euro, while the price of more advanced mate40 PRO + can reach 1399 euro, and the design version of Porsche is 2295 euro. < / P > < p > according to the past practice, the overseas version of mate40 series is much more expensive than the BOC version, which is in line with Huawei’s consistent style, and the foreign price is higher than the domestic price. In this case, 5000 + may have started in China? 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