Make good use of your oppo Reno series mobile phones and take wonderful photos easily

With the development of mobile phone style and the continuous improvement of mobile phone hardware pixels, it is no longer the domain of professional cameras to take all kinds of wonderful photos. For most novice users, they often envy those wonderful pictures in the circle of friends. As a user of oppo series mobile phones, I’d like to talk about some of my experiences in taking photos with oppo Reno series mobile phones. < / P > < p > from the interface of oppo mobile phone photo function, you can see the contents of flash, HDR, scenery, dazzle color and options at the top, and night view, video, photo, portrait, and more at the bottom. In the setting interface, you can simply set the opening guide, shutter sound, photo watermark, geographic location, video resolution, video coding and other options. In more projects, there are advanced modes such as manual photographing, and detailed setting of ISO, shutter speed, camera lens, etc. < / P > < p > first, let’s talk about the night scene photography mode. The camera App with its own has exclusive options for night scene shooting. After selection, it will bring a series of functions such as AI noise reduction and HDR optimization. It also supports the design of four pixels in one, which makes it easier to take wonderful photos. < / P > < p > most of the time, the amazing night scenes we see on the Internet are not taken after the sky is completely dark, but in the scene where the sun has just set and the sky still has the afterglow of the sunset. Under the illusion of light, the whole picture looks very beautiful. < / P > < p > when shooting night scenes, you can consider matching the mobile phone bracket. If you shoot directly, you need both hands to be stable. Combined with the AI algorithm of the mobile phone, you can take a beautiful night scene. < / P > < p > take a picture of the city night scene. The high-rise buildings with dark sky background have clear layers and no noise. The edge is clear and sharp. You can feel that oppo Reno series mobile phones have excellent performance in halo control and color restoration. < / P > < p > let’s talk about the zoom mode of mobile phones. Oppo Reno series mobile phones have made great achievements in zoom shooting. Optical zoom and digital zoom can bring the distant scenery closer, keep the natural and fresh scenery, reduce the mosaic picture, and select more beautiful scenery. < / P > < p > the large zoom design allows you to capture the gold in the distance more conveniently. For oppo Reno series mobile phones, oppo Reno 10 times light variable version supports 60 times of mixed light variation. This mobile phone can more conveniently capture various small animals, birds, kittens, butterflies, or take more beautiful scenery from a distance. This way of shooting can even span a 30 meter wide small river, taking pictures of egrets catching small fish on the other side of the river, making mobile phone photography more vivid and interesting. The first mock exam is love.

then looks at the portrait mode. This mode is especially suitable for small buddy who likes self timer. It is specially used for shooting portrait, bringing beauty options, and can achieve a series of adjustment by big slide, face lift and so on. This part has always been the strength of oppo brand. Combined with composition lines, structured light, and beauty effects, it can make your friends more beautiful. < / P > < p > for photos, you need to learn how to frame. A good photo needs to highlight the theme elements. For example, you can use the middle composition, the golden section composition, and the blank composition. Hierarchical composition can be adopted. No matter how you choose the screen, the first thing you need is to select as many screen contents as possible to facilitate the later stage. Then there will be a need for panoramic shooting or wide-angle shooting. < / P > < p > whether it is wide-angle or panoramic, it can achieve the effect of taking larger pictures, which is convenient for us to frame select later. Horizontal wide-angle or panoramic mode is more suitable for shooting wide rivers or streets. In case of high-rise city painting style, try vertical wide-angle shooting or vertical panoramic mode. Smooth hand-held movement can bring better angle contraction lines, and give people excellent visual effect. < / P > < p > next, let’s talk about the dazzle color mode on the top of the mobile phone. Turning on the HDR photo taking mode can get a higher contrast and hierarchical photo style, while turning on the dazzle color mode will bring the overall style of colorful colors, which is especially suitable for shooting scenes such as flowers, food, articles, etc. < / P > < p > the combination of dazzle color mode and photo post editor can bring this kind of photo painting style with rich sci-fi feeling. The overall composition is easy and bright, which gives people a good visual impact. < / P > < p > in daily photography, keeping the distance between the camera lens of the mobile phone and the object being photographed will bring about the effect of macro photography. Under this effect, you can easily shoot the front Scene knife sharp background virtual image impression. < / P > < p > picture composition and reasonable cutting, combined with photo lighting and frame selection, together with oppo mobile phone’s photo AI, can achieve outstanding main effect. For example, in this style of photos, the main body of the picture is placed in one-third of the photo, the background is green and dark, and the foreground composition is highlighted. Large areas of clean monochromatic color in the whole picture will be even more obvious Highlight the main body. < / P > < p > in oppo Reno series mobile phones, there is a time-lapse photography option. This function needs to be taken with the mobile phone support frame. After placing the mobile phone and turning on the delayed photographing mode, a longer exposure effect can be formed. This way of shooting can shoot light painting, star orbit, lighting and other picture effects, a little later can get a dream effect.

takes the first mock exam in APP’s advanced option. This mode can be selected manually for ISO, photo shutter time, color temperature, focal length and lens. Sometimes we need to take some difficult pictures, such as the pictures of the projector or TV in the dark. If we turn on the night shooting effect, the time of taking pictures will be longer, and the screen will paste into a ball or even appear rainbow interference. To shoot this kind of picture, start the professional mode of the mobile phone, reduce the exposure time to less than 60 minutes of a second, turn up the ISO number, and then repeatedly test, you can master the skills of shooting dynamic pictures. < / P > < p > for the small partners with professional map repair ability, raw Photo format is more suitable for storage when using oppo Reno series mobile phones. Compared with JPG format, raw Photo format is lossless, has more picture information, and is more convenient for professional software for post production and processing. It is more suitable for professional revision, so that we can get more perfect photo effect. < / P > < p > generally speaking, oppo Reno series mobile phones have unique spacing for wide-angle, macro distance, beauty, portrait, night scene, dazzle color and other types of shooting. Combined with stylized template modification software, it can bring excellent picture effect, and simple application of filter can become the focus of the circle of friends. < / P > < p > intelligent AI beauty and scene optimization processing make every photo of you become a classic. My favorite friends may as well choose oppo Reno series mobile phones and try to take their own wonderful photos. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!