Male nurses in intensive care unit take pictures of the beautiful world in front of a window in the ward

Xiao Fan is a male nurse in intensive care unit. Living in a high-intensity working environment, witness countless life and death parting. By chance, he aimed his camera at a window in the ward: the old man enjoying the sunset alone, the funny husband and wife, the silent accompanying relatives Outside the window is the scenery, inside the window is a small theater. The frame image of < / P > < p > has become the daily image record of patients and the emotional outlet of Xiao Fan. He slowly learned to release himself, love life as much as he loves work, and capture the beauty of the world. < p > < p > Xiao Fan: I bought the camera at the end of September 2018 when I was just two months on the job. The original intention is to record some trivial things in life and share some work pressure, and shoot everything. < / P > < p > Xiao Fan: it’s quite accidental. At first, I just wanted to take a picture of the scenery outside the window. Once, I took a picture of a patient’s back, which was very touching. Later, I would take pictures of the stabbing people with my mobile phone. < / P > < p > because for a period of time, the responsible group near the window sat in the corridor by the window every day. When the weather is particularly good, the patients in the ward will go to the window to see the sun, blue sky and white clouds. I think it’s very beautiful, so I take pictures. Over time, I began to be infatuated with this piece of window. < p > < p > Xiao Fan: when meeting familiar patients and their families, they will take a few photos secretly when they are not paying attention, and then smile and tell them to take a picture of them. Most patients are very shy and restrained, but everyone will be very cooperative and happy. And most of the patients don’t walk away after being found out, but clean up their hair, pose and take pictures of me happily. I will also show them after shooting. I wish them a speedy recovery and discharge. The whole process is very happy. < p > < p > Xiao Fan: at first, I just wanted to record. Images are also a part of life and work. Later, when I sorted out the photos, I took them as the exit, their exit and mine. < p > < p > Xiao Fan: I started in July 2018, and I have to rotate for two years, that is to say, I have to go to four departments for study and then decide the Department. Each department will stay for half a year. For special reasons, I only stayed in two wards for a total of a little more than a year. In July this year, I was appointed to the ICU, but it was my second year in the ICU. < / P > < p > most of the photos were taken in the ward. The patient’s condition was not so serious in the ward, and the environment was relatively open with the patient’s family members. ICU is different. The environment is relatively closed. Family members are not allowed to enter. Most patients are unconscious. I seldom take out my mobile phone to take photos at work, and I am not allowed to do so. < p > < p > Xiao Fan: in the past, it may have been a matter of work. In the early stage, it was very stressful to master the patient’s condition, the ability of professional work, and the balance between life and so on. Now that I have been working for the third year, I have the ability to take charge of my own affairs, so it is not a challenge. At this stage, maybe it’s age. I’m still not sure if I can be a nurse all my life. In my heart, I still want to have a relatively independent and free career, but I can’t rule out the coexistence. < p > < p > < p > Xiao Fan: emotions will certainly have an impact, from the initial sadness at work to the present calm and fleeting moving. I think this is inevitable. When I first worked, I would be shocked and depressed when I was faced with birth, death, death and some accidents. The relief is slow. Sometimes it will be a pity for a long time. Later, I really saw a lot of them. I met all kinds of them. Although I still feel sorry for my young life, I didn’t feel flustered and uneasy when I just worked. < / P > < p > the most important point is that sadness can’t solve anything. As medical staff, we are not qualified to be too emotional, and only by becoming “numb” can we do what we should do more professionally. Do your best. That’s what our profession is all about. As for the outlook on life, there is no change. I always think that the Three Outlooks of adults have already been formed. They are not easy to change. They will not collapse or reshape. At most, they are more inclusive and allow all kinds of things to coexist. This is what adults will do in the end. Older posts →