Man bought a second-hand mobile phone, but only received a headset cover, a message let him lose more than 40000

Both sides set the price at about 1300 yuan. After Mr. Zhang paid the bill, what he didn’t expect was that after a week, he received an earphone cover. There was no mobile phone in the package. < p > < p > Mr. Zhang was very angry, so he commented in the short video below to let everyone not be deceived. Found that the goods are not correct, the normal comments should not be criticized, but the seller Yang threatened the buyer Mr. Zhang, saying that he was suspected of infringing the right of reputation, and made a claim. < / P > < p > “he said that I was slandering him, framing him, damaging his works, and asking me to make compensation. If not, he would sue me in the court.” Mr. Zhang told reporters that the seller threatened him by sending a message through a lawyer, saying that he knew the director of a public security bureau and the leader of a court in Shanghai, and that he knew Mr. Zhang’s home address and threatened his family. < p > < p > Mr. Zhang believed it was true. He not only paid the compensation of 40000 yuan, but also met with Yang, took seven or eight high-grade cigarettes, and paid part of the compensation in kind. After arriving at the police station, Mr. Zhang still claimed that he didn’t want the police to deal with it and was afraid that he would go to prison. The police told Mr. Zhang that his behavior did not belong to the infringement of the right of reputation, but a problem of normal reaction. Mr. Zhang cooperated with the investigation. At the end of October, the police arrested the seller Yang in Shanghai. It turns out that Yang released the video of selling mobile phones on the short video platform, just to cheat money. According to Yang, his savings have been wasted for a long time because of his extravagant life. So he pretended to sell mobile phones and actually sent out some items that were inconsistent with the actual goods, such as earphone covers, in order to defraud the victims of money. When the police arrested Yang, there were four victims who were cheated and reported to the police. The total value of the case reached more than 50000 yuan. < p > < p > the police said that because Yang’s own economic capacity was not enough to pay for the victims’ losses, they contacted Yang’s family members, who compensated the victims. In mid November, the police successfully recovered the 40000 yuan that Mr. Zhang had been cheated. At present, Yang has been arrested by the police for suspected fraud. < / P > < p > police remind that online transactions, both sellers and buyers, should not be taken lightly. Daily shopping must choose a shopping platform supervised by a third party, otherwise once cheated, it will be difficult to protect rights. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally