Master Lu released mobile phone performance list in July: snapdragon 865 plus

Lu Master Data Center released the list of Android’s newly released mobile phone performance in July. The data is from the data of Lu master’s android app from July 01 to July 31. The list only selects the newly released models during this period. Some of the new machine test data is less or engineering machine data, the score is not stable. < / P > < p > the display score of the list is the average score of Master Lu’s data center, which has been verified in the background of Master Lu. Some models are not connected to the network, running points cannot be verified and will not be included. < / P > < p > July and August between 618 and the “double 11” Festival is an awkward time. Most mobile phone manufacturers will not choose to release more important new flagship phones during this period, and most will launch some upgraded or offline models. Looking at the newly released models in July, it is basically the same routine. Of course, this rule does not apply to the subdivided field of game phones. < p > < p > in the 10 new models released in July, Lenovo’s lifesaver eSports mobile phone Pro won the performance list, with an average performance score of 574124. Black Shark 3S and Red Devils 5S ranked second and third, which are regular upgrades. Another ASUS Rog game phone 3, which is equipped with snapdragon 865 plus, ranks fourth with an average performance score of 543738. < p > < p > the snapdragon 865 plus is the “overclocking version” of the snapdragon 865. The main frequency has been increased from 2.84ghz to 3.1ghz. According to the official data, compared with the previous generation, the 10% performance improvement is not easy to be perceived under the outstanding performance of the snapdragon 865. < / P > < p > the competition of 5g flagship in the first half of the year has come to an end, and the competition in the second half of the year has not yet started. This period of time in the middle has become a competition for midrange 5g mobile phones. In the first half of the midrange competition, the snapdragon 765G and snapdragon 768g of Qualcomm have become springboards for any manufacturer. Basically, new machines carrying these two processors will appear every month. In July, the representative model is iqoo z1x. < p > < p > among the low-end and medium-end models, the most popular one in July was the new ones equipped with MediaTek Tianji 800. There were three models in total, which were won by Huawei. Tianji 800 has been introduced before, so I won’t talk about it here. We mainly look at the newly released Tianji 720 processor, which was launched by oppo A72. In view of the fact that oppo A72 has not even held a press conference, many people may not understand Tianji 720. < / P > < p > according to the naming standard of MediaTek, Tianji 720 5g series benchmarked with the snapdragon 690 processor released by Qualcomm some time ago. Facing the middle and low-end market, Tianji 720 accelerates the popularity of 5g terminals and further depresses the price of 5g mobile phones. In terms of configuration, Tianji 720 is also the main low-end market. The model oppo A72 carrying it costs 1899 yuan. This processor is also used in realme V5, which is newly released in August. The lowest price is 1399 yuan. As a result, the first price of the Xiaolong 690 is likely to fall below 1299 yuan. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo