Master the use skills of P, a, s and M modes

When shooting in P program auto exposure mode, the aperture and shutter speed are automatically controlled by the camera, and the camera will automatically give different exposure combinations. At this time, rotating the dial can select the exposure combination given by the camera. In addition, white balance, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation and other parameters can also be manually controlled. < / P > < p > by setting these parameters differently, the photographer can get photos with different effects, and can get more accurate exposure without considering the aperture and shutter speed. Program automatic exposure mode is often used to shoot news, documentary and other subjects that need to be captured. < / P > < p > this picture is taken in P mode. 1 / 80s, f4.8, I so 400, P block mode can cope with most of the subjects and light environment shooting, is widely used by beginners. However, for professional landscape photography, it is not recommended to use the p-block mode, which is more suitable for shooting with people and scenery. New product launch