Mate40 gives up Hongmeng to launch Android? Huawei official statement! “Pollen” unexpected!

At a time when China’s science and technology represented by Huawei is surpassing the United States, in order to curb the development of China’s science and technology, Huawei has become a key “target of attack” in the United States. From no reason to arrest people, to the “list of entities”, the U.S. attack on Huawei has completely damaged Huawei’s supply chain in the United States, whether it is core components or core technologies, although for Huawei’s business operations However, it has seriously affected Huawei’s overseas mobile terminal business. Without Google’s GMS, Huawei’s smartphone will become a brick in the eyes of foreign Android users!

to solve this problem, Huawei has provided a solution to get rid of Google Android, Hongmeng system and Huawei’s mobile application ecosystem HMS. On February 24 this year, Huawei officially launched its own HMS mobile ecology, and the glory V30 series of mobile phones have been equipped with HMS, and it has been promoted in the European market. On August 14, Google cut off the supply of Huawei’s Android mobile phone system due to the expiration of its temporary license. At the same time, there was no extension of the license. This also means that Google will no longer provide GMS services to Huawei’s Android phones.

and Huawei’s official wechat has also publicly stated that Hongmeng 2.0 will officially appear at the Huawei developer’s Conference on September 10, and Huawei mate 40 will also be launched in September. On August 17, it was reported that Huawei’s supply chain was upgrading its products to fully adapt to Hongmeng system and other domestic operating systems. All kinds of news were revealed that Huawei mate 40 is likely to be equipped with mate40 Hongmeng system. However, the result is always different from what we think!

on August 21, it was announced that Huawei has entered the network with a new model. Undoubtedly, this is the Huawei mate40 series, which will be listed soon. However, the last message of the network access license reads “operating system: Android.” It seems that Huawei officials have officially stated that Huawei mate 40 is not equipped with Hongmeng system, but still chooses Android, which is unexpected for “pollen”. Due to the third trade sanction launched by the United States against Huawei, which forbids Huawei to purchase chips, why not launch Hongmeng system when Huawei mate 40 may become a “masterpiece”? Maybe it is related to these factors!

first of all, Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s consumer CEO, has repeatedly publicly stated that if the Android system cannot be used, it is very simple for Huawei to upgrade its mobile phone from Android to Hongmeng system. It can be seen that Huawei is full of confidence and Hongmeng system is ready to go. However, the upgrade of smart phones is often irreversible. Huawei mate 40 equipped with Android may give Huawei users the right to choose Android or Hongmeng? Huawei respects users’ choice!

secondly, the original intention of Huawei to build Hongmeng system is to provide solutions for the interconnection of all things under 5g network environment. At present, the deployment of the global Internet of things is still in its infancy and has not ushered in the “outbreak” point. There are almost no competitors in the deployment of Hongmeng in the Internet of things. If Huawei Hongmeng system wants to appear in the field of smart phone system, it will certainly face breaking the United States Google and apple are bound to hinder the expansion of Hongmeng system in overseas market due to the monopoly of Android and IOS systems. The improvement of smart phone system needs to go through the test of generation after generation. Whether Huawei, mate50 and p50, which are trapped in the “chip crisis”, can become competitors of Apple’s iPhone, is unknown. Maybe Huawei does not want Hongmeng mobile phone system to be “both a starting point and an end point”!

generally speaking, Huawei mate 40 equipped with Android system does not affect its strong competitiveness, nor does it affect Huawei’s HMS overseas deployment. The only impact is that it increases our “curiosity” about Hongmeng system! What do you think of Huawei mate 40’s Android system? Privacy Policy