Maybe Lei Jun also doubts! Because of 100 yuan, this product has become the first?

This is how the annual double eleven carnival is! All mobile phone manufacturers will not be relaxed and alert. After all, in the first half of this year, affected by the big environment, each needs the industry to maintain their livelihood. The first thing that is to make efforts is Xiaomi, which subsidizes the rice flour with a subsidy of RMB 1billion to feel the intelligent life. In the first day of the double 11, it also received 4 billion yuan of sales amount. However, millet involves more intelligent products. If we talk about mobile phone business alone, during the double 11 period, the red rice 10x is definitely in the first place. Now we can get a full coupon. Compared with the previous price, this mobile phone has a 100 yuan discount during the period of double eleven, and the price has come directly to 1299 yuan. It doesn’t look like it is only 100 yuan discount, but it can make red rice 10x become the sales champion of the price below 1500 yuan. At first, it was influenced by several flagship of price performance of red rice, and the 10 x of red rice was basically in a situation of no one asking. Even if the official announced that the reduction of 200 yuan directly before the preferential strength also did not meet the expected sales data, coupled with the increasingly fierce market competition, some industry insiders are directly pointed out that red rice 10x may not have the opportunity! But I never thought of it! It is 100 yuan of preferential strength actually has such a magic. The red rice 10x is different from the mid-range models at the same price in the market. In my opinion, the price performance of this mobile phone is still relatively high. The chip is equipped with Tianji 820 chip customized by Xiaomi and Lianfa branch. After the exclusive period, the red rice 10x has become the exclusive possession of the chip. At the same time, the screen part is not the same. Most of the price is LCD screen with high brush mode. On the contrary, red rice 10x is the Samsung AMOLED screen only owned by the last generation flagship model, but it is only a relatively common 60Hz screen refresh rate. In addition, the red rice 10x also fully reflects some of the functions of the red rice ancestors. The large capacity battery is very necessary for the current dual-mode 5g mobile phone. 4520mah high capacity battery and 22.5w fast charging may be the standard for the user to meet the requirements of endurance, while for double-sided GG5 Corning glass cover, linear motor and screen fingerprint unlocking, these functions are all available. It is possible that the red rice 10x, which is as low as 1299 yuan and 6 + 128GB of memory combination, can be moved. After the price is right, consumers will not pay attention to the shortcomings of the machine. With this large capacity battery, it is also perfect to use it as a spare machine after purchase. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year