Mayo Hillhouse experts argue that a continuous patient management system needs to be credible, accessible, online and offline

On August 6, the sub forum of “building a sustainable patient management system” was successfully held in the cloud, which was hosted by Gaoji medical. Lu Qingjun, director of telemedicine management training center of National Health Commission, Chi Chunhua, director of general medicine department of the first hospital of Peking University, many experts from Mayo Clinic and Jiang Yue, vice president of intelligent medical business department of Gaoji Medical Co., Ltd., had a full range of views on the integration and innovation of medical industry and research from the perspective of supervision, Chinese and foreign hospitals and enterprises. This sub forum is supported by the people’s network and people’s health as the exclusive media. < / P > < p > “due to the limitations of medical resources, space, time, etc., it is difficult for tertiary hospitals to take into account the continuous management of patients. In the future, grass-roots community medical care, pharmacies and other platforms that have direct contact with patients may become the mainstream of sustainable patient management.” Professor Chi Chunhua said at the sub forum. < p > < p > Lu Qingjun believes that in the past years, major hospitals have explored Internet medicine to help patients manage, but the reason why it has been difficult to start a scale is the lack of operation team. He called on major hospitals to entrust the operation mechanism to the third-party platform and establish cooperation mechanism, price and distribution mechanism and financial service mechanism with it, so as to make the internet medical operation more convenient and make the data more convenient More connectivity. < p > < p > as a participant of the external management of this round table forum, Jiang Yue believes that “in the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, public hospitals, especially tertiary hospitals, are at the top of the pyramid in terms of professional capacity matching and reasonable allocation of resources. In the existing hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, as a new choice, Gaoji medical system will become a supplement to the primary medical system. Through the mode of Internet hospital and smart pharmacy, Gaoji Medical Association provides one-to-one services for patients with basic diseases closer to home, continuous service and more personalized < / P > < p > after the integration and upgrading of several local drugstore brands, Gaoji medical is very forward-looking in the layout of the ecological platform of life cycle health services. In addition to the offline medicine rooms with millions of customers per day, the new retail business after science and technology is operated through private traffic, with tens of millions of class app members, and has been increasing in recent six months Long o2o “drug emergency delivery” users; relying on Gaoji Internet hospital and taking the follow-up prescription as the breakthrough point, we carry out multi-directional and sustainable patient management, and expand from simple pharmacies to the innovative industrial chain driven by “smart pharmacy + smart medical care + health management”, and become one of the few platforms in the market that can achieve one-stop health management services. At the forum, Chi Chunhua illustrated the practical effect of patient education. For example, for hypertension, the effect of health education intervention measures is 1.88-2.44 times of that without any intervention measures, and 1.32-1.75 times of that of general health education. The difference of compliance rate between the intervention group and the control group was statistically significant, and the number of acute exacerbations in the intervention group was significantly less than that in the control group. According to Chi Chunhua, effective patient education factors include the establishment of a patient education team and the training of patient education specialists with professional training; the use of science and technology to provide patients with reliable patient education information; and the establishment of an ideal patient education model can enable the continuous development of patient education. In the face of mixed information on the Internet, she stressed that the credibility and accessibility of patient education can be achieved through telemedicine. What she needs to ensure is: “first, there must be a professional team in the provision of telemedicine services. The professional team is composed of relevant professional and technical personnel who provide telemedicine to ensure the safety of patients; second, it is the first The accessibility of health care services includes health economics and convenience, which is an important guarantee for the realization of sustainable patient management. Third, we should combine online and offline mechanisms. Online diagnosis and treatment can not completely replace offline services. Part of the work of patients’ health maintenance must be completed in the medical institutions. We should open up the online and offline channels, which is organic It is a challenge for us to provide a full range of services for patients Jiang Yue said that the essence of medical services is offline services. “Every day, more than 2 million people flow into Gaoji’s pharmacies in more than 70 cities, seeking help based on their own situation. We have the ability and obligation to deliver reliable patient education information to accurate user groups. “Relying on the” accessibility “geographical advantages of tens of thousands of pharmacies, which can directly reach users, radiate communities and even regions, the online and offline services of tens of thousands of pharmacy employees, thousands of professional chronic disease management specialists, o2o Gaoji medicine emergency delivery and timely delivery of drugs to the home make Gaoji medical” closer to the patients “; moreover, the Internet hospital with tens of thousands of full-time and part-time doctors online is connected to AI With the help of online medical assistant and professional assistance from Mayo professional medical think tank, Gaoji medical has provided tens of millions of users with the whole scheme service of out of hospital health management, which integrates drug purchase, medication, follow-up, follow-up, daily consultation, and artificial intelligence reminding housekeeper. < / P > < p > the living space of patients is all-round, including hospitals, families, communities, health care institutions, pharmacies, etc., which are organic components of patient health management. < / P > < p > “patients with chronic diseases such as heart failure may have 50 days of hospitalization throughout the year, and there are still more than 300 days in the out of hospital management state. As the time of out of hospital disease management scenarios is longer than the in-hospital diagnosis and treatment time, Gaoji medical hopes to provide users with online and offline, accessible, closer to patients, professional medical services and drug services, so as to provide users with professional medical services and drug services The top tamps the foundation, becomes the base of the whole grading diagnosis and treatment system, and establishes two-way patient flow to the upper end of the pyramid. “Jiang Yue, for example,” Gaoji medical has fully covered the space of patients’ out of hospital health management through the professional division system of “one professional doctor + one pharmacist + one chronic disease management specialist”, or the mode of “smart pharmacy + chronic disease management + intelligent medical treatment” He agreed with Professor Chi Chunhua on the importance of professionals’ participation in telemedicine and patient out of hospital disease management. He also said that professional division of labor is a basic economic principle, which is actually followed by the rules of optimal allocation of resources. “Pharmacies are still the core scene of basic disease management. Like Gaoji, there are tens of thousands of off-line pharmacy clerks, thousands of chronic disease management specialists, and sufficient professional strength of full-time and part-time doctors in more than 70 cities in 21 provinces and cities across the country. Matching the efficient scientific and technological team and operation team, Gaoji focuses on serving patients’ disease management and health management.” Recently, the National Health Commission and the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine issued a new version, reiterating the model of the four major medical and medical consortia. Lu Qingjun believes that for provincial and ministerial level hospitals and tertiary hospitals, it is more important to give full play to the advantages of specialties, establish specialized medical association or specialist alliance, and establish telemedicine collaborative network by using internet medical treatment, so as to realize cross regional collaboration. In Lu Qingjun’s opinion, the positioning of Internet medicine in China has two aspects: one is remote consultation, which helps to sink high-quality medical resources and improve the basic level’s conventional diagnosis and treatment ability; the other is to make it more convenient and efficient to use medical resources by using information technology through intelligent medical treatment, intelligent service and intelligent management, so as to promote hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. According to Lu Qingjun, in the past few years, major hospitals have been exploring the internet medical model, but the results are very little, and they have been unable to scale up. “Because our hospital lacks an operation team, we need to entrust the operation mechanism to the third-party enterprises, establish the cooperation mechanism with the third-party enterprises, establish the price and distribution mechanism, and establish the financial service mechanism to make our operation more convenient and make our data more interconnected.” At the same time, Gaoji medical is also seeking deep cooperation with high-quality medical resources among public hospitals. Through the mode of “1 professional doctor + 1 pharmacist + 1 chronic disease management specialist”, Gaoji Medical Co., Ltd. provides standardized and community-based services for patients’ daily home medication scenarios, filters potential risks of patients through daily follow-up visits, and introduces Internet hospital services of public hospitals into these scenarios. “The referral operation based on each other’s Internet hospitals is also a very convenient experience for patients. Gaoji medical provides users with online and offline integrated and accessible health management services. As a basic service force, it covers the daily home health management of patients, which is also the positioning and boundary of Gaoji medical service. This is also the reason why we need to form a cooperation system with hospitals with high-quality medical resources. However, medical treatment will eventually return to the hospital and offline. Once we have identified the potential health risks of users, we will transfer the patients with potential risks to the offline medical system to achieve real hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. ” Jiang Yue said. < / P > < p > in the management of chronic diseases, such cooperation has increasingly become the entry point for hospitals to carry out Internet medical treatment. Through the cooperation with the third-party platform, the major chronic diseases can be guided by experts in the whole process of chronic disease management, so that patients can get effective routine diagnosis and treatment. Once a serious illness is found, the system can be used for effective referral. After treatment in a large hospital, the patient will return to the rehabilitation period, and then return to the basic medical institutions through the information platform to receive more rehabilitation treatment. A closed-loop structure of two-way referral is formed. For hospitals, releasing the work with low difficulty, such as mild illness and follow-up visit, will greatly relieve the pressure of medical resources shortage, further improve the medical efficiency and service quality, and let more professional people do more professional things. On the other hand, through the two-way guidance to open the channel for the hospital to obtain severe and difficult diseases, and truly realize the reasonable allocation of medical resources and value medicine through innovative Internet medical technology, so as to realize the medical strong grass-roots level. At the same time, the main forum of hcare Global Health Industry Summit & Mayo Clinic China Healthcare summit, which lasts for five days, will be broadcast live at 9:00 on August 8. As a top industry event integrating industry, education, research and medicine, Academician Wang Chen, vice president of Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, director of Beijing Institute of life sciences, Academician Wang Xiaodong, founder of Baiji Shenzhou, Professor Zhang Wenhong, director of infection department of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, and g. Anton, President of International Department of Mayo Clinic Mr. Decker, CO chief investment officer and partner of Hillard, Mr. Yi nuoqing, and representatives of industry, University, research and medicine gathered to hold a summit dialogue on the future development prospects of the medical and health industry in the post epidemic era. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer