MediaTek applied to the United States to continue to supply chips to China after September 15

On August 28, Beijing time, according to Reuters, MediaTek disclosed today that it had applied to the US side in accordance with the relevant regulations, hoping to continue to supply chips to China after the ban began on September 15. Such news is undoubtedly good for Huawei. On August 17, the US Department of Commerce issued a revised ban on Huawei. The ban further limits Huawei’s use of U.S. technology and software products and adds 38 Huawei subsidiaries to the list of entities. Previously, MediaTek has said that it has always followed the provisions of Global trade related laws and regulations, and is paying close attention to the changes of us export control rules, and consulting external legal advisers to obtain the latest provisions for legal analysis in real time, so as to ensure the compliance of relevant rules. However, the ban on Huawei has little impact on the short-term operation of MediaTek. < / P > < p > in addition, industry insiders @ mobile phone chip experts have disclosed that the 5g chips that MediaTek has come to help Huawei prepare can not be shipped. Now they can only ask ov Xiaomi for help. “MTK originally helped Huawei stock 30 million sets of mobile phone chips in the fourth quarter, but now these 30 million sets can only be supported by these three companies.” Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer