Meet you for the first time, iPhone 12, Hello!

Apple’s big “Pigeon” on September 16 is still fresh in my memory. It’s also a time when many fruit powder stayed up late to wait. The result was just two watches and two tablets. It was a rather boring press conference, which wasted the expression of a lot of friends… < / P > < P > in fact, at the press conference held on September 16, many bloggers had disclosed that there was no iPhone in September The fact that mobile phones are new, but Apple fans don’t want to believe it… So will there be iPhone 12 at Apple’s new product launch in the early morning of October 14? The answer is yes! < p > < p > because “Apple products are accurate”, Guo said: “this time, four different models have been launched in the iPhone 12 series, namely, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro and iphone12 Pro Max”; Guo Cong iPhone 5 has launched four different models Since the beginning of the era, he has begun to predict Apple’s new products as an analyst of Keji securities, which is basically right. On September 16, he predicted that there would be no new iPhone 12 product release, which shows that he is right, so we believe his prediction. < p > < p > despite the ticket skipping, an overseas survey found that 30% of Android users are considering replacing the iPhone 12. In China, a group of fruit powder are eager to try, and the iPhone 12 series’s shipment volume should reach a new high this year. < / P > < p > of course, Guo said that the forecast that the iPhone 12 series would ship 80 million units reported by foreign media was unrealistic, and he thought that the iPhone would be sold The sales volume of series 12 is related to the order of parts. The OEM may not be able to produce 80 million A14 processors, so this prediction is not reasonable. According to previous reports, apple asked TSMC to deliver 80 million A14 processors this year. However, TSMC can only produce 74 million chips at full capacity. Moreover, the A14 processor will not be used in the iPhone 12 series, and the new iPad air released last month is also in use. So 80 million units should not reach this year… < / P > < p > actually about Apple iPhone It has nothing to do with us. What matters is whether the product can meet our expectations, especially if the battery is competent. Although the appearance, performance and price are all exposed from all aspects, the real experience still needs to be learned. First meeting, iPhone 12, Hello! Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865