Meizu 17 is still a true flagship

Meizu’s first product, the M8 mobile phone, was released in 2009. It has been 11 years since then. It is no exaggeration to say that Meizu is the pioneer of China’s smartphone industry. However, in the past decade, Meizu has constantly adjusted its product lines. Each Meizu product is still as small and beautiful as DNA, and has been passed down to Meizu 17 this year. < / P > < p > products polished with ingenuity have unique quality. In the serious homogenization of Android world, Meizu uses such initial intention to establish itself in terms of configuration and software system, and constantly outputs the product value only belonging to Meizu to users. < p > < p > in this era of Jihai strategic expansion, Meizu’s small and beautiful product strategy is obviously out of line with the trend, but actually conforms to the keynote of Meizu brand. Meizu’s “homework” will also slow down. For example, after waiting for a long time, Meizu 17 appeared in the expectation of many fans. < / P > < p > although some “kerosene” were in a hurry, the product finally came out. After a month’s use, let me talk about this flagship mobile phone that sold well during 618 with unique recognition. < / P > < p > the first is appearance. Meizu mobile phones are always proud of their appearance. The front panel of the mobile phone adopts a hole digging screen design. The front camera is located at the top right of the screen, with a diameter of only 2.99mm. In daily use, it is hardly noticed that it exists, which increases the sense of fusion in the front, and there is no asymmetry between the upper and lower parts like the Liu Hai screen. < / P > < p > combined with the battery display design of flyme system, the hole is hidden in the system bar, thus improving the overall appearance of the front panel. To be honest, this research and development investment is not small, but users may not see the benefits of it at a glance. Only after experiencing it for a period of time, can they find that the design is really great. < / P > < p > in addition, the front of Meizu 17 also adopts an equilateral frame design, the width of chin is reasonable, and the overall appearance is very symmetrical. In addition, the machine uses a 50:50 counterweight, and the integrated ceramic design on the back of the fuselage feels very good. In addition, the sense of balance pursued by Meizu 17 is not only reflected in the front, the back panel with four cameras horizontally placed, but also with the Meizu’s iconic ring flash as the central axis, so the sense of balance is everywhere. < / P > < p > in terms of color scheme, pure white front frame is very rare in today’s flagship models, while Meizu 17 still maintains the white front frame design in the color matching of dreamlike unicorn. Thus, it can be seen that Meizu has the same attitude of being aloof from the world. < / P > < p > in terms of configuration, Meizu 17, as its first 5g mobile phone, has made great efforts in hardware this time. The system can be upgraded from dual snapdragon to 120mhz linear motor, and the system can be updated from 80MHz to 45mhz. In terms of configuration, Meizu 17 can be regarded as a flagship benchmark in 2020. There are several black technologies in the fire this year. < / P > < p > with x55 5g baseband support, the snapdragon 865 can achieve a downlink speed of up to 7GB, support millimeter wave and frequency bands below 6GHz, as well as SA independent network and NSA independent network mode. Combined with Meizu’s msmmart 5g technology, through optimized solutions such as base station prediction and signal detection, it can bring a more “fast and stable” 5g network experience. < / P > < p > due to the standardized configuration, the performance of Meizu 17 and pro versions is almost the same, but the charging specifications and rear camera are different. The pro version has 32 million pixel customized wide-angle and TOF lenses, while the standard version uses 8 million wide-angle lenses and macro lenses. However, the main cameras of both versions are 64 million Sony IMX 686 lenses. If you don’t pay special attention to taking photos, there is no big difference between the two versions from the basic experience. The final score of Antu rabbit is 582459, which is the top level in the whole score list of Antu rabbit. In the whole test process, the temperature did not exceed 37 ° and Meizu 17 did a good job in temperature control. < / P > < p > has good performance and can naturally run the game smoothly. I tested two completely different types of games, “under one person” and “quantum special attack.”. During the game, there is no obvious frame loss phenomenon, and the whole process remains in the state of full frame. < p > < p > Meizu said that Meizu 17’s built-in onemind 4.0 can effectively improve performance, reduce write latency and greatly reduce the power consumption of mobile phones. At the same time, the new burst rendering engine can control the game fluctuation within 5 frames through new rendering logic and reasonable performance allocation. < / P > < p > next comes the camera section. As mentioned above, the rear camera of Meizu 17 standard version is different from that of Pro version. I use the standard version. From the actual shooting sample, the production of Meizu 17 is not disappointing. < / P > < p > in the case of sufficient light, Meizu 17’s camera imaging is excellent, full of color and rich in details. Even in the case of natural light, there is no obvious noise, and the transition between light and dark parts is also very bright, and the whole picture looks very comfortable. < / P > < p > even in places where the light is slightly dark, Meizu 17 can still maintain a high resolution, the whole picture looks very clear, and the level of detail of light and shadow is also very high. < p > < p > in close range shooting, Meizu 17 can also capture the details well, and the relatively sparse area of snail’s head can also be well captured. < / P > < p > finally, let’s talk about the flyme system of Meizu mobile phone. Back then, this is one of the reasons why many people choose Meizu mobile phones, and many design investment of Meizu is also reflected in the system. However, in the contemporary era of “your good functions, I will also have them tomorrow”, the design advantage of the system is only a distance from updating patches. As long as other manufacturers really want to follow up, Meizu can hardly win users from the system, but this does not prevent Meizu 17 from continuing to develop some new things. < / P > < p > frankly, the system is a drawer shortcut entry. Just drag your finger in the bottom corner of the screen to pull out the program shortcut bar. You can also add any program to this shortcut bar. After < / P > < p >, no matter you are watching a movie or playing a game, when you open any program, just pull out the shortcut bar and click the program you set, and a small window will pop up on the top of the program. The current application to run the program you set up. For example, when playing games, wechat alerts suddenly appear. You can open the WeChat to reply when the game continues to run in the background, or tiktok when waiting for the game to load. < / P > < p > in other aspects, such as some minor changes in system fluency and optimization of use efficiency, we can see that Meizu is still paying attention to system level construction. Unfortunately, most consumers in today’s mobile phone market pay more attention to hardware than software, and the replicability of software also determines that it can not become a real killer. Generally speaking, Meizu 17 has recovered some of the spirituality of Meizu in its heyday. Whether it is the complementarity of performance and system, or the optimization of appearance design, these small details remind us of the design of that year and dream back to the era of high-quality products. At present, we are bored with the air sea tactics. We really need a mobile phone like Meizu 17 to satisfy our experience. 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