Meizu 17 series update has finally come! Welcome the return of online music, camera anti shake heavy upgrade

[pconline information] on August 14, the new OTA firmware of Meizu 17 series finally came. Meizu technology also released on the official micro blog, saying that it would push a major update to Meizu 17 Series on August 18. < / P > < p > in this update, Meizu 17 series will carry out functions such as adding full scene video anti shake, online music, Meizu pay’s new support for Shenzhen Tong, game mode 4.1, aicy music recognition, memeng vibration support for third-party applications, screen fingerprint blind interpretation, etc. < / P > < p > the return of online music is due to the release of Meizu flyme on February 7, 2018. It is mentioned in this message that the flyme music client will stop providing online playback and download services from March 5. As we all know, Meizu is an MP3 manufacturer, so with past experience, Meizu is also very attentive to the sound quality of mobile phones. Therefore, many fans are happy with the return of online music. In addition to the “full scene video anti shake technology” which has been updated on June 16, adding the main camera, super wide angle and front screen anti shake function, the update on August 18 will create better conditions for vlog shooting. Meizu 17 has added EIS anti shake technology for ultra wide angle video and Meizu 17 has added video anti shake function for Meizu 17 Pro will add long focus video EIS anti shake function to cover more shooting scenes. New product launch