Meizu this wave of hard core environmental protection kill two birds with one stone, Meizu 17 can save 2333 yuan at most!

At the same time, as we all know, Meizu has always attached great importance to the environmental protection of mobile phone manufacturing. In the selection of manufacturing process, Meizu prefers more environmentally friendly manufacturing technology to reduce the harm of chemical raw materials to the environment. Meanwhile, in order to further promote environmental protection, Meizu technology has launched 16 During the period of landing, Meizu flagship stores of Meizu can exchange for 16S, 16S and 16S of Meizu flagship stores, which can exchange for 16S, 16S and 16S of Meizu flagship stores. Now, let’s talk about this Meizu, which is loved by Huang Zhang < / P > < p > first of all, in modern society, when it comes to a mobile phone, it is necessary to introduce the appearance design of the mobile phone. This time, Meizu 17 adopts a new color color, which makes users fall in love with it at a glance. First of all, this time, the Yellow chapter Meizu 17 adopts a light and full screen design. With the designer’s optimization of five internal structures, this mobile phone has become one of the best in 5g mobile phones. Moreover, Meizu 17 also has a 6.6-inch large screen and a 2.2mm ultra-narrow border, so that users can enjoy a larger screen visually For the users who love playing games and chasing dramas, it can’t be better. They don’t have to worry about getting tired of holding the mobile phone for a long time. At the same time, they can enjoy the feast of vision. Moreover, the resolution of the mobile phone screen is 2340 × 1080, so that users can see more easily and carefully and free our eyes. < p > < p > in addition to leading the trend in appearance, Meizu 17’s photography technology can’t be underestimated. Since its inception, Meizu 17 has been popular with many users, especially some young girls. This time, Huang Zhang equipped the camera with a high-resolution camera with a front of 20 million high-definition cameras. In addition, it also has many functions tailored for self-image Family 17 has super texture AI beauty, multi style portraits and super night scene self shooting algorithm, which makes party photo selfie more fun, makes travel self portrait into more scenery behind, and brings a different self shooting experience. Compared with previous models, this mobile phone’s photo taking strength is obviously improved, especially the self shot lens, which has a very pleasant texture. In terms of video recording, Meizu 17 also supports 4K super clear video shooting, super anti shake and 118 ° ultra wide angle. It also supports super clear night scene. The algorithm has been upgraded so that users can experience different pleasure in video shooting. In addition, Huang Zhang has set slow motion lens for Meizu 17, which is very intimate and makes photography easy. If you want to be in a lively and cool summer Meizu 17 is definitely the best choice for you to take photos with your family and friends by taking selfie or video during the trip to beautiful mountains and waters. < / P > < p > the above are the special attractions of Meizu 17. It seems that there is a reason why this mobile phone can gain so much love from consumers. After all, the strength and appearance are there, and anyone will like it. Moreover, Huang Zhang’s Meizu 17 or 5g mobile phone, which is very popular nowadays, will not be out of date in any respect. The sales of the mobile phone behind the mobile phone will not be out of date After the team is also very high-quality, dedicated service for users, many netizens are also moved by Meizu’s machine replacement discount, have praised Meizu’s efforts for environmental protection, if you are also excited, hurry up! Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”