Microsoft launches a new family safety app that syncs windows, Xbox and Android

Pingwest pinplay July 29 – Microsoft today launched a new IOS and Android family safety app that can manage screen time and application usage. Parents can use the family safety app to receive reports on app usage and total screen time, and even set time limits for the app.

Microsoft family safety can also be synchronized across windows, Xbox, and Android, as well as time limits for games and apps across multiple devices. This prevents kids from switching devices to get extra time to play games. In addition, specific applications can be completely blocked.

Microsoft has also added web and search filters to restrict browsing to child friendly websites only. These filters apply to Microsoft edge browsers on windows, Xbox, and Android. Most of these screen time and content filters are limited to Android mobile devices, but Microsoft says it is also working to apply them to the iPhone. It can even lock down unexpected spending on accounts through a shopping request email, helping prevent thousands of dollars in credit card bills.

Author: zmhuaxia