Microsoft wants to bring touch control to non touch laptops

According to foreign media reports, in a recently released patent, Microsoft explained how to implement touch control on laptops without touch screens. This is particularly important considering their your phone. Your phone can stream Android apps to users’ computers. However, Microsoft warned that some of the apps were designed for touch screen control only and would not work properly with a keyboard and mouse on a computer. < / P > < p > this patent, which was filed in January 2020, describes a simple solution, that is, to enter a mode of turning the touch panel into a touch screen, so that the touch input into the application is like touching the screen rather than operating the cursor. < / P > < p > Microsoft points out that the touchpad is usually much smaller than the screen, so their solution is a movable input area, in which users can move the input area to where they want the touch to happen. < / P > < p > a solution that mimics the entire touch screen may feel awkward, but it may do a good job of transferring apps from the phone to the PC. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!