Microsoft’s new remote desktop IOS version 10.1.3 released

It home on August 19 news, Microsoft Remote Desktop IOS version has now ushered in 10.1.3 update. In the new version, Microsoft Remote Desktop has some bug repair and function update. All remote input modes of swiftpoint and swiftpoint in Microsoft’s iPhone are automatic input mode when they are connected to the desktop. < / P > < p > input mode is now global across all active computer and remote application connections. Fixed a problem that caused microphone redirection to not work properly. Fixed bug that caused audio output to play from iPhone headphones instead of internal speakers. Added support for automatically switching audio output between iPhone / iPad built-in speakers, Bluetooth speakers and airports. Audio will now continue to play in the background when leaving the client or locking the device. When using swiftpoint mouse on iPhone or iPad, input mode automatically switches to touch mode. Solve the graphic output failure when the server is configured to use avc444 full screen mode. Fix to fix voiceover bug. In addition, Microsoft has changed the panning effect when using an external mouse or touchpad to enlarge the session. < / P > < p > to use an external mouse or touchpad to move around in a magnifying session, simply press and use the mouse cursor away from the pan knob. To pan around in touch mode, simply press the pan knob and move your finger. The conversation will stick to your finger and follow it. Finally, in mouse pointer mode, you can pan around by pushing the virtual mouse cursor to the edge of the screen. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!